Photo Credit: WWE

JBL: The Undertaker Was The Best (Everything) I Was Ever Around

JBL has nothing but praise to heap on The Undertaker in a recent social media interaction.

The former WWE Champion shared a locker room with The Deadman for close to two decades. They teamed together in 1998 as part of the Ministry of Darkness, thrusting JBL into a main event program for the first time in his WWE.

They had numerous matches against one another, with The Undertaker usually picking up the win over JBL. This was generally the correct decision, especially given the recent compliments JBL has been paying the WWE Hall of Famer on social Media.

JBL wrote on Twitter about how The Undertaker was “the best I was ever around”. He went on to list all the things he was the best at, including being the best wrestlers and simply, the “best everything”.

“Undertaker was best I was ever around, best guy, best wrestler, best everything. There is a reason he was the locker room leader.”

This friendship is not one-sided. The Undertaker previously also named JBL as the most underrated opponent he’s faced, showing how much he valued his time in the ring with the former WWE Champion.

JBL Also Believes In Joe Hendry

JBL also had some lovely things to say about Joe Hendry. The TNA star has impressed with his parody music videos over the last few years, and received a huge reaction making his NXT debut a few weeks ago.

The WWE Hall of Famer took to social media to praise the Scot. He called Hendry’s music “the greatest thing I’ve ever seen”. He likened them to “Rap is Crap” by the West Texas Rednecks.

“I never thought anything would equal “Rap is Crap” by the West Texas Rednecks, but @joehendry has done it. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in years, I have spent the morning watching his videos and can’t love them enough. I have to have Joe write my comeback music. #IbelieveinJoeHendry.”