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Jack Perry Cuts Scathing Promo After TNT Title Win

Jack Perry isn’t going anywhere after winning the TNT Championship.

The former Jungle Boy out wrestled five other men at Forbidden Door to take him the gold. He won the TNT Championship in a ladder match at the event, winning his first piece of singles gold since losing the FTW Championship at All In.

Immediately after that loss, Jack Perry got into a fight with CM Punk. This ended in Punk losing his job and Perry being suspended for months. He has a chip on his shoulder because of that, and is using his TNT title to rub in the faces of those who doubted him.

Jack Perry cut a scathing promo, following his victory at Forbidden Door. He took to social media, talking to the camera on AEW’s Twitter account. He recounted all the things he’s done since returning to AEW, including attacking Tony Khan and Kenny Omega.

The TNT Champion then warned that he wasn’t going anywhere, despite the locker room’s views.

“I’ve been back here two months. In that time I’ve joined the Elite, I hit Tony Khan, I got rid of Kenny Omega, I pinned Bryan Danielson. And now I’m the TNT Champion. Get a good shot of that right that. You know what that says? That says that I’m the future. That says that I’m the face of this network, even though half the guys in the locker room probably don’t want me here. Well guess what? I ain’t going anywhere.”