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Billy Gunn Reflects On ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Guest Role

Billy Gunn said his time on Sabrina the Teenage Witch is not exactly what he expected.

The WWE Hall of Famer famously appeared on one episode of the hit TV show. He appeared in one episode of the show in 2000, playing Xavier “The Avenger” Prescott. Billy Gunn had scenes fighting against Sabrina, in a memorable appearance for the AEW star.

Gunn recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet about his appearance on the show. Gunn revealed he didn’t know much about the show. He was also shocked at how TV differed to pro wrestling.

He revealed he told them he could do his scenes in one take, not knowing about the different camera setups needed to capture the show.

“So they were looking for somebody to do the show. It was like, I didn’t know nothing about the show. I just knew at the time it was pretty hot. But she lives in a regular world, but there’s a realm world, and I’m whatever I am there. And so they asked me to come do it, and I said, well yeah, it’s, you know, I’ve always wanted to.”

“I’ve done some spotty stuff in some shows, but nothing like that. A talking role and a major part where I got to beat her up and all that. So I was doing it, and it was great. But the way they, like I’m so used to live TV that when you do movie stuff, that’s a whole other animal. Because they, like, I kept trying to tell them ‘I can do this in one shot. I’m really good at this. And they go, ‘well, that’s not how we do it.'”

Billy Gunn: I Didn’t Want To Be Cancelled For Fight Scene

One thing Billy was not sure about was some scenes with lead Melissa Joan Hart. Gunn was hesitant to perform some moves on the actress, with fear of being cancelled for where his hands had to be for certain wrestling moves.

“It was that, and then they wanted me to press her and do all this stuff. And I said, well, I ain’t sticking my hands in between her legs. This ain’t a thing ’cause, you know, I’ll be cancelled before [it was a thing]. So, you know, we did certain things with her and then certain things with her stunt double. And then they said they’re going to throw a cat on me, and I got to do these landings with a cat and stuff. It was a different experience; it was actually pretty fun.”