RJ City
Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

RJ City Reacts To A Fan Getting A ‘Hey! (EW)’ Tattoo

RJ City had a… fitting reaction for a fan getting a “Hey! (EW)” tattoo.

The former indie wrestler has been the host of the AEW YouTube show since the first episode debuted in 2022. The comedy interview show showcases RJ City’s brand of irreverent comedy, while welcoming stars like Jon Moxley, Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson to the show.

This has become a fan-favorite segment for AEW fans, and RJ City has made over 100 episodes so far. With no signs of slowing down, AEW supporters have come to love the show, with some going slightly too far to show their support.

Twitter user Jess posted a photo of her arm, showcasing a brand new “Hey! (EW)” tattoo. It was an all black tattoo of the logo, and they accompanied it with a screenshot of their notes app, explaining the decision to ink themselves.

“What kind of started out as a joke is now a complete reality. I texted @deadlykeirg earlier this week and said “I should get a hey! ew tattoo” and she was all for it, I thought it was crazy. But last night I made this tweet saying “if RJ city sees this and comments I will get a hey! (ew) tattoo”, genuinely not expecting him to see it. To some people it’s this may be silly but, to me Hey! (EW) means so much more to me than that. It’s a show that makes me laugh no matter what and a show that has bought me closer to people. Thank you RJ everything, this may genuinely be the first ever HEY! (EW) tattoo in the world.”

RJ City Reacts

RJ City is not one to mince his words. The Canadian ex-wrestler replied to Jess, in his typical blunt and self-deprecating fashion.

He responded with a single sentence, letting her know that she made a “gigantic mistake” by getting his show tattooed on her body.

However, behind his character, I’m sure RJ City was delighted.