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Mercedes Moné: Getting Time Off From WWE For The Mandalorian Was ‘Like Pulling Teeth’

Mercedes Moné had to fight WWE to get time off to film The Mandalorian.

The TBS Champion appeared in five episodes of the Star Wars-adjacent show between 2020 and 2023. She played the role of Koska Reeves, who was part of a group of Bounty Hunters. It was a huge role for the then-WWE star. However, the company was not thrilled with her taking the role and missing wrestling events.

Mercedes Moné spoke to HOT 97, where she talked about how hard it was to get WWE to let her leave to film The Mandalorian. She revealed that the company booked her for shows on filming days. They seemingly tried to get her to miss out on appearing on the Disney programme, and said getting them to cooportate was “like pulling teeth”.

She then revealed how different it is in AEW. Mercedes Moné said that AEW President Tony Khan is much more supportive. She claimed he even allows her use of his private jet to get to shows.

“I love WWE, but they tried so hard to not make me do The Mandalorian.” Mercedes Mone said. “They put me on house shows when I was supposed to film. It was like pulling teeth just to get on that show, just to be a part of that show.”

“With these new doors of opportunity here at AEW, I have all the time in the world to go do acting and more. Tony Khan will pick me up on the private jet to take me to the shows and back to the other show to film. It’s so beautiful. It’s so cool that I get these new doors, and I feel like it’s just the universe being like, ‘We want you to be this beautiful superstar that we see you as.'”