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Photo Credit: WWE

Natalya and TJ Wilson Reveal An Unknown Secret Behind His Headphones In WWE

One of the unique factors about TJ Wilson‘s WWE tenure was that he wore headphones during his entrance.

While speaking on McKenzie Mitchell’s Threads, Natalya mentioned that her husband was so sick of his own theme song (as Tyson Kidd) that he adopted headphones as part of his gimmick.

“TJ [Wilson] said that he didn’t want to hear his theme music. He said he was sick of hearing his own entrance music,” Natalya said.

She then called up TJ, who expanded on the real reason why he wore headphones to the ring.

“We did a taping at Full Sail [University]. And my music played seven times in under four hours and that was too much for me. So, I decided that was the last time I’d be listening to that music on the way out and it was,” TJ explained.

TJ Wilson also shared that he would listen to popular hip hop songs during his entrance.

“There’s all types of [music]. There was some 50 Cent, there’s some Tupac in there, G… There’s a lot of good sh*t happening on those headphones.”

Wilson also shared a funny story about how Claudio Castagnoli was caught by surprise when he wore TJ Wilson’s headphones once during a match.

“One time… So, here’s a funny story. One time Cesaro managing me in a singles match and so I take my stuff off. And I put the headphones down on the apron and he grabbed them and put the headphones on. And then when we got to the back, he was like, he said, ‘Wow. This is a PG world but the music that’s happening in those headphones is not PG.’ Then he started coming out with headphones the next week. And he asked me if he could,” TJ Wilson said.

Did you enjoy the unique entrance of TJ Wilson?