Photo Credit: TNA

PCO Gets His Own Burger At La Belle et La Boeuf

TNA have teamed up with La Belle et La Boeuf to create the new PCO Burger.

The former TNA World Champion is being honored in meat form in order to promote the upcoming TNA Slammiversary 2024 show in Quebec. PCO is a wrestling legend in Quebec. He was a part of the legendary tag team “The Quebecers” in the WWE in the 1990s.

While PCO doesn’t have a match on the show yet, he does have a burger named in his honor. The Canadian chain has partnered with TNA to create the PCO Burger. The sandwich includes one “slightly sweet secret ingredient” to make it unique.

TNA tweeted out about the new PCO burger being made available at the La Belle et La Boeuf Promenades Saint Bruno. They wrote:

“A MONSTER awakens in Montreal! Available now — the PCO Burger, a perfect creation by @pcoisnothuman. Exclusively available at La Belle et La Boeuf Promenades Saint Bruno and all participating franchises to celebrate #TNASlammiversary! Beef, cheese, bacon, onions, jalapeño, mayo, and one slightly sweet secret ingredient. Can you guess what PCO has cooked up?”

Given his current character in TNA, it’s likely the secret ingredient is probably AA batteries, or some kind of engine oil.

PCO Is Not A Fan Of Cinematic Matches

PCO seems perfect for a cinematic match, but he isn’t a fan of them.

Speaking with Tim Battle on the Battleground Podcast, he discussed potentially having cinematic matches. He noted that it would have to be a cool idea for him to do one, and that he isn’t actually a fan of them.

“I was not a fan of it because I felt we had to go there, or a lot of companies had to go there because of the pandemic. But it became something people like. I’ve had a lot of people asking me, ‘Well, PCO should have a cinematic match.’ If we go that route, it needs to be something super [inaudible], it’s gotta be cool. It’s gotta be a few big surprises to make a match like that really work.”