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Carmelo Hayes Invites The Wyatt Sicks To Take Out Chad Gable During Money In The Bank

Carmelo Hayes is counting his blessings heading into Money in the Bank this Saturday night.

WWE Superstar Carmelo Hayes recently sat down with Jim Varsallone. When asked what he’s out to prove this Saturday at Money in the Bank, Hayes said he hopes to prove everyone right that decided to bring him up to the main roster.

“I mean, for my mindset, it’s been the same thing since I got to the main roster. It’s just proving everybody right,” Carmelo Hayes said. “The powers that be that trust me in these positions, is proving them that they got the right one. And that I will live up to the occasion every single time. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

“And as far as Money in the Bank goes, I’m just extremely focused. I’m looking at the total landscape of everybody in the match and it’s very unpredictable. I haven’t been in the ring with a lot of these guys. I’ve been in the ring at the Royal Rumble with Andrade and Jey Uso quickly. I don’t know fully everything there is to know about them, but I’ll have a pretty good scope on exactly who and what I’m dealing with in Toronto.”

Will The Wyatt Sicks loom over Money in the Bank on Saturday?

When asked about Money in the Bank participant Chad Gable, who is currently dealing with the Wyatt Sicks, Haeys said it feels good that the group isn’t his problem and hopes they show up on Saturday to eliminate Gable from the equation.

“Yeah, I mean, you know what? It feels good right now it’s not my problem,” Carmelo Hayes admitted. “It’s a problem that Chad has to figure out and figure out why they’re coming for him, and why they’re on him. But I’d invite them to come in and take him out the match. That would make our lives a lot easier.”

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