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Cody Rhodes Dons Antony Starr’s Actual Homelander Cape For ‘The Boys’ Promo

Cody Rhodes has taken the Homelander comparisons to heart in a recent promo shoot for The Boys.

The WWE Champion has been likened to Homelander from the comic book-turned-Amazon series in the later stages of his career, especially in AEW. His persona, which fans rejected, as well as his long Homelander-style coat, earned many comparisons between himself and the character from The Boys.

This clearly did not go unnoticed, given that Rhodes was recently tasked with promoting the fourth series of the show. He participated in a photoshoot to film a “promo” for the new series.

Cody Rhodes posted a photo to his Instagram story, which showed him donning the iconic cape worn by Anthony Starr’s character. This was accompanied by a caption, confirming it was the actual cape worn by Homelander, and not an imitation.

“Truthfully an honor to dawn Anthony Starr’s actual legendary cape for this fun little promo spot. @theboystv production team are first class, and I’m glad people are digging the new episodes”.

He also posted the promotional clip he filmed for the show. It shows snippets of action from the show. Cody then slowly turns around, wearing the iconic cape, before saying, “So, Homelander. What do you want to talk about?”, mimicking his wrestling catchphrase.

In the past, Rhodes said his resemblance to Homelander was a coincidence, as his seamstress originally envisioned him as a colonial soldier. However, it’s fun to see him playing it up a bit for the new ad.

The fourth season of The Boys is currently airing on Amazon Prime Video.

Cody Rhodes Comments On Fans Wanting Him To Turn Heel

Cody Rhodes dud not want to turn heel, despite the fan’s demands.

Speaking on The Pivot Podcast, Cody Rhodes addressed fans who wanted him to turn heel in AEW. He said that they didn’t know what they were asking for, while noting the difficulties of being a heel today.

“There’s a beauty if you can commit to being a bad guy,” Cody Rhodes said. “It’s a unique space creatively. You’ve gotta be really vulnerable and open, and you’ve gotta be blood-hungry in terms of how you are on the microphone. There’s this growing sect of fans that wants to see that happen for me at some point, and I understand the links…I don’t know if they know what they’re asking for. If you’re really wishing for that, it’s scorched earth.

“Then you might be, ‘We don’t like that. No, that’s rude to that group of people.’ No, no. That’s the job. Someone’s gonna come out here and beat me up in a minute. Before they do, I’m gonna talk my trash, and that’s the thing. You have to really go scorched earth, In 2024, that is hard. That is hard for anyone to understand that you’re not meant there to be cool, you’re not meant there to be the next Rock. You’re meant there to be a bad guy or a bad girl.”