gabbi tuft
Photo Credit: Gabbi Tuft via Twitter

Gabbi Tuft Releases Full Video Of Her Comeback Match

Gabbi Tuft has released the full video of her first match back in nearly a decade.

The former Tyler Reks hasn’t wrestled since a sole match in 2014. Apart from that match, she hasn’t wrestled since her release from the WWE in 2012. In the decade in-between, Tuft came out as a transgender woman, changing her name in the process.

She appeared to have hung up her boots, but Gabbi Tuft returned to the ring last month under a new gimmick. Tuft wrestled at West Coast Pro/UWN Killin’ Them Softly, beating J-Rod in a 19-minute match in the main event of the show.

She appeared under the moniker “Mother”. This involved her commanding two men in chains. They held a third person in their arms and carried them to the ring.

Clips from the match were previously posted to social media, but now Gabbi Tuft has released the full match on her YouTube channel. It shows her full entrance, the match and Tuft leaving the ring following her debut victory.

Despite having the size and power advantage over J-Rod, Tuft had to use all her trickery in the bout. She hid behind her subjects, before hitting a sneak attacking to take control of the bout.

Even though she hasn’t wrestled for a decade, she didn’t look like she lost a step. Tuft dominated her opponent, using her power moves to keep her on the ground as much as possible. The former Tyler Reks slowly worked over J-Rod, who awaited her moment to make a comeback.

However, it was futile. Gabbi Tuft hit a Angle slam into a DDT before pinning J-Rod. She picked up the victory in around 13-minutes, announcing Gabbi Tuft’s emergence into the world of wrestling.

Gabbi spoke with WrestleZone earlier this year about the reasoning for her in ring return. Learn more about what motivated her to step back into the ring here.