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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal React To Owen Hart Cup Loss

Jeff Jarrett was consoled by Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal following his loss to Adam Page on AEW Dynamite.

The former AEW Champion returned to end Jarrett’s hope of advancing in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Jarrett was a close friend of Hart’s, and was emotional about being included in the tournament.

In a video posted to AEW’s Twitter page, Jeff Jarrett was seen distraught backstage. Following the loss to Adam Page in the Owen Hart Tournament, he was in tears, surrounded by Karen Jarrett, Sojay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh.

Not one to see their friend down, Dutt and Lethal took turns giving a pep talk to the WWE Hall of Famer. Jay Lethal began, while he told Jarrett that he did honor Owen Hart despite the loss, and that he fought a noble fight on Dynamite.

“I really feel like I know what’s going on through your head right now. Jeff. I think what’s going on in your head is. You think that you may have squandered this opportunity. And if you think that, you’d be a damned liar. You know why? Because It’s the furthest thing from the truth. You didn’t squander anything. While everybody got to prepare for their opponent… that’s not an excuse, it’s the fact. It’s the fact, Jeff, and you know it!”

“And another thing probably going through your head is that you probably think you didn’t do such a great job of honoring the memory of your friend, and that’d be a damned lie as well. You know why? Because you went out there and you worked your ass off. You didn’t any back steps, you didn’t take any back roads. No cheap shots, and we all know you love to cheat, and you didn’t do any of it!”

“Because you tried to honor your fried – not try, you did! You went out there and fought a noble fight, for what? For a noble friend. And we all appreciate that, every last one of us. Nobody can look you in the eye and say you didn’t try. Nobody can look you in the eye and say you didn’t succeed in you goal, which was honoring Owen Hart. I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

Sonjay Dutt Told Jeff Jarrett ‘This Is An Opportunity’

Next, Jeff Jarrett was consoled by Sonjay Dutt., as the AEW star shared some advice Jarrett gave him years ago, saying that this isn’t an obstacle, but an opportunity.

“Jeff, I’ve said it before. We’ve been through it all. Up and down. Good and bad. And every time we got knocked down, you know what you told me? You told me ‘Hey, life doesn’t give you obstacles, it gives you opportunities.”. So I’m throwing it right back in your face, Jeff. This is an opportunity, you need to look at it from that perspective.”

“Owen’s up there, he’s proud of you. He’s proud of every single thing that you have done in the last 25 years. And today, tonight, what you just did was the icing on the cake. And if you don’t see see this as an opportunity, I want to slap you in the face, because this is an opportunity. This is it Jeff. This is your opportunity. We’re gonna do it together, just like we all have done.”

Jeff Jarrett walked away following the speeches, still distraught at the loss.