daddy magic matt menard
Photo Credit: AEW

Daddy Magic Reacts To MJF’s Attack On Daniel Garcia

Daddy Magic Matt Menard was not happy about the ending to AEW Dynamite this week.

The former NXT star watched helplessly as Daniel Garcia lost to Will Ospreay, failing to capture the AEW International title. Things soon went from bad to worse, as MJF turned on his supposed friend.

The former AEW Champion kicked Garcia in the balls, and proceeded to assault him into a bloody mess, using his Dynamite Diamond Ring to great effect. Daddy Magic attempted to intervene, only to be left in a bloodied heap by the right hand of MJF.

Backstage, Daddy Magic was seething. In a video posted to AEW’s Twitter account, Menard did not mince his words as he let his feelings about MJF be known. He called him a “piece of shit”, warning him that he “better finish the job”.

Daddy Magic also gave reassurances to Daniel Garcia’s mother, Jackie. He told somebody to call her and tell her what happened, while reassuring her that he had the best medical care possible after the beat down.

“You better hope you finish the job!”

“You piece of shit. With every fiber of my being, we knew. We knew. You are who you are. Danny, I’m so sorry. Jackie, I’m so sorry you had to watch that. Somebody call his mother! Somebody call my wife, somebody get my phone! Get my phone! People like you don’t deserve to roam the earth with the rest of us. Do you understand, Max? You better hope you finish the job. You better hope you finish the job! Because if you didn’t, Max, you think it’s a game! Like pawns on chess board you move around! I swear to God, look at! You better hope you finish the job. Jackie, I promise you, he’s getting the best care possible right now.”

AEW later said that Garcia was under observation for cervical injuries. MJF is slated to open Saturday’s new episode of Collision.