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Chris Jericho Reflects On Surprise CMLL Appearance: We’re Telling A Story Here That’s Gonna Continue

Ahead of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Chris Jericho made a surprise return to CMLL for the first time since 1995.

On the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, the All Elite Wrestling star reflected upon his CMLL appearance and how it all came about.

“It was a huge surprise this week when Corazon de Leon returned to Arena Mexico,” Chris Jericho said. “I was in Mexico from ’92-’95, and the last time I wrestled in Arena Mexico was September 15, 1995. It was really cool to go back to Mexico City, and how did that come about?

“We started working with CMLL in AEW, and when I was going through the transition between the whole Kenny Omega and the Golden Jets, and then Kenny got sick, and then Sammy [Guevara] and I were a kind of a team, and that really didn’t work out well, and then Sammy got suspended, so I was doing some Corazon de Leon, working with some luchadors.

“I had a match with Titan, I had a match with Atlantis Jr., and it started to occur to me that with this new relationship with CMLL and AEW, maybe it’d be cool to go back to Arena Mexico and have a match.”

Jericho went on to reveal that he started having conversations with Rocky Romero about potentially having a match in CMLL after seeing Blackpool Combat Club work in Arena Mexico earlier this year.

A future match with Mistico

The former AEW World Champion appeared at a CMLL event on June 28 and attacked Mistico, setting up a match between the two men in the future.

“I grabbed a microphone, and I cut a promo in Spanish, which I pretty much knew,” Chris Jericho said. “I asked for a couple words, I said I’ll challenge you any time, any place, anywhere. In classic Mexican style, even though I hit him with two of my finishers, he was already standing up in the middle of the ring [laughs], but that’s okay.

“He made a challenge back, and we have not set the date of the match yet. There will be a singles match with Mistico and Corazon de Leon. We’re telling a story here that’s gonna continue. I will challenge him very soon, and we’ll get this date rolling, and then we’ll be ready to rock.” [H/T Fightful]

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