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Chad Gable On Re-Signing With WWE: I’m A Loyal Guy, I Was Never Going To Walk Away

Chad Gable re-signed with WWE ahead of WWE Clash at the Castle. His contract was coming up, but many fans expected Gable to re-sign, as he had consistently been featured on WWE RAW in recent months.

Speaking on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Chad Gable discussed his contract coming up at a time when he had never been hotter. He also expressed his excitement about re-signing.

“The timing is unbelievable,” Chad Gable said. “I’ve reflected on it so much, but these are the kinds of things, when they happen like this, that you question like, ‘Man, there’s something to this. Someone was looking out for me, or fate or something.’ The stars just aligned, it was just too perfect. I’m just so happy it is. This is where I want to be. I’m a loyal guy, right, so I start somewhere, I want to finish there. If I start something, anything, I want to finish it, and I’m just so happy and fortunate.

“The idea of finishing it now looks different than it would have a few years ago, which would have been just fulfilling my contract, like finishing it because I wasn’t really doing anything.  Now, finishing it means accomplishing things, winning championships, and leaving a real legacy. To me, that’s the most important thing.”

Chad Gable On Keeping His Eye On The End Of The Tunnel

Chad Gable went on to discuss how being about to persevere through the lowest of lows led him to this point. He also noted that he never thought about asking for his release.

“I think that what led to this the most was just my wide, my family, everybody talking me being able to talk me through everything, my ability to stick it out through the lowest of lows,” Chad Gable said. “I was never gonna walk away, I never thought, you hear about guys asking for their release and things like that.

“I’m not one of those guys, but to be able to have to keep your eye on the end of the tunnel and see everything through really got me to that point, so now I guess you reap the benefits of getting through that stuff.”

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