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Chelsea Green Highlights Why The Wrestling World Needed All In 2018

Chelsea Green reflects on having a match at the original All In in 2018.

WWE Superstar Chelsea Green was a recent guest on Wrestling with Freddie. When asked which wrestling moment she’s had that she’d like to go back and live again, Green reflected on the first All In in 2018, which ultimately led to the creation of All Elite Wrestling.

“Definitely All In,” Chelsea Green said. “And I think it was just the crowd was so special because they were there purely because they wanted something outside of WWE. They so badly wanted to support something else and just from that moment on. I have seen the evolution of other companies coming in and really kind of elevating the world of professional wrestling for everyone that isn’t hired by WWE.

“And for me, someone who’s been in and out and seen every single side, we needed that. We needed a little more competition. We needed another company to have a little bit of a push and pull between contracts and things like that. All of that is healthy for wrestling; it’s not healthy for one person to own everything.”

All In will always be one of Chelsea Green’s favorite matches

Although Green has competed at the Showcase of the Immortals, she doesn’t think she’ll ever feel the same way she did that night at All In.

“Yeah, I’ve never felt it since,” Chelsea Green admitted. “And everyone’s like, ‘But it only had this many people. You had WrestleMania.’ It doesn’t matter. We were all there for one goal, which was to make that show succeed. And it did just that. Because now look, I just think that’s going to go down as one of my favorite matches, no matter how many WrestleManias I’m in.”

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What do you make of Chelsea Green’s comments? Do you think the original All In was an important moment in pro wrestling history? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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