Drew McIntyre WWE Money in the Bank
Photo Credit: WWE

Drew McIntyre Calls His Shot, Says He Will Win And Cash In At WWE Money in the Bank

Drew McIntyre calls his shot ahead of the Money in the Bank Men’s Ladder Match.

During the Money in the Bank Kickoff, McIntyre was asked by Michael Cole whether he believes it is hypocritical that McIntyre has been so openly critical of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match but is now excited to be in it.

“How many times have I been cashed in on as world champion? How many titles has that Money in the Bank contract cost me? Twice,” Drew McIntyre said. “That’s the tip of the iceberg, 95% of my big matches, somebody’s gotten involved and screwed me over. I defy you to name five people who have beat Drew McIntyre clean in the past five years one-on-one. This contract puts the power in my hands. Sometimes, you gotta fight fire with fire. Unlike that little bitch Damian Priest, I’m not gonna attack from behind, I’m calling my shot right now.

“When I win, I’m cashing on [at Money in the Bank], I’m gonna leave world champion, and you’re all gonna know what I already know, that Drew McIntyre is the best there is, soon to be best there was, when it’s all said and done, I will be the best there ever will be.

Drew McIntyre References CM Punk

After the Kickoff, McIntyre was filmed by WWE’s social media still fuming, and challenging anyone to find a time when he’s lost cleanly to an opponent. He referenced CM Punk by saying, “Tell me when I’m lying. CM Punk has previously said, “Tell me when I’m telling lies.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of WWE Money in the Bank as it airs on July 6.