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Muhammad Hassan Reflects On His WWE Run: That Character Would Never Fly Today

Muhammad Hassan had a very interesting run in WWE as a big-time heel before things got too real in the process.

Former WWE Superstar Muhammad Hassan was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked if he thinks he got fired for being too good of a heel, Hassan said someone told him it might have come down to him being too controversial.

“Someone had said, too controversial for WWE, which I kind of liked because that is a distinguishment right there,” Muhammad Hassan admitted. “Yeah, it was definitely a controversial character, and I feel like I played it pretty well. I was talking about this last night. It wasn’t very hard to get into character with Shawn [Daivari] because everywhere we went, we kind of faced that. I mean, it was still pretty fresh after 9/11.

“We went to the airport, and Shawn would always be randomly checked at every single airport. It’d be very annoying because then we’d have to run to our flight. So I kind of use that as my anger, obviously, more things than that. But it was very easy to fall into that character and be able to speak the truth about what I saw because that was what was happening back then.

“And again, that character would never fly today. You know, it kind of had to stay in its time and I think it’s kind of cool for me doing something completely different that that character still stays as controversial.”

Hassan believes his character could have lasted a couple more years than it did

When asked how long he thinks that character could have lasted if his legs weren’t cut out from underneath him in the middle of the story, Hassan said he believes it could have gone another couple of years.

“It would have been gone I think within a couple of years, the world really started changing and the things that we were doing in wrestling back then would never fly today. That was definitely one of them,” Muhammad Hassan said. “So I mean, what if? Yeah, I’m happy where I am now. So I never really think of it like that. Now, this is fun. Like, this is extra stuff for me to be able to come and do this and talk to you. You know, it’s not real life for me so I really enjoy it. But I’m happy where I am.”

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