WWE Money in the Bank Results
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WWE Money in the Bank Results (7/6/24)

WWE Money in the Bank Results

July 6, 2024

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Carmelo Hayes vs. Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade vs. Chad Gable vs. LA Knight

As soon as the bell rings, everyone brawls. McIntyre floors Andrade with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre gets clotheslined out of the ring. Jey and Knight clear the ring and square off. Gable and Hayes both start to slide ladders into the ring. Jey and Knight take them out with dives. McIntyre hits the ring with a ladder and clobbers everyone in the match. McIntyre sets up and climbs the ladder. Chad Gable cuts McIntyre off. Gable traps McIntyre in a hanging armbar on top of the ladder. Andrade breaks that up with a springboard leg drop to Gable.

Andrade lays Knight out with a ladder shot. Hayes cuts Andrade off with a springboard clothesline as Andrade tries to climb the ladder. The crowd goes nuts as Hayes works over Andrade. Hayes lays Andrade on a ladder. As Hayes tries a springboard, Andrade cuts him off and hits a springboard inverted Spanish Fly on the ladder. Jey and McIntyre meet in the middle of the ring. After a strike exchange, Jey catches McIntyre with a Spear. Gable destroys Jey with a German suplex. Gable deadlift German suplexes McIntyre. Hayes tries a springboard and gets caught out of the air by Gable.

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Gable obliterates Hayes with the Chaos Theory. Andrade rolls in the ring. Gable suplexes a ladder on top of Andrade. Knight attacks Gable. Gable traps Knight in the corner and lands a dragon screw using the ropes. Gable misses a shot with the ladder and ends up eating a leaping neckbreaker by Knight on a ladder. Knight slams Hayes’ head into the commentary desk repeatedly. Knight bridges a ladder between the ring and the desk. Hayes reverses Knights powerbomb into the first 48.

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Gable and Hayes both set up ladders. Gable traps Hayes in an ankle lock as he tries to climb the ladder. McIntyre hits the ring and clears it. McIntyre hits a Claymore that sends Andrade out of the ring. Jey superkicks McIntyre. Knight adds the BFT. Knight holds McIntyre in place while Jey lands the Uso splash. Jey and Knight both climb the ladder. Knight and Jey trade punches. Hayes pushes the ladder over. Dive by Hayes. Hayes catches Jey with Nothing but Net. Hayes climbs. Andrade pulls Hayes off the ladder. Andrade tosses a ladder at Hayes.

After bridging a ladder between the ladder and the ropes, Andrade climbs. Hayes climbs the other side. Andrade hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the ladder onto another ladder. Hayes isn’t moving. Gable belly-to-belly suplexes Knight over the top rope onto a ladder. Gable climbs and grabs the briefcase. Jey moves the ladder. Gable swings from the briefcase for a bit before falling and landing on his face. Jey Spears Gable. Jey climbs the ladder. McIntyre launches a ladder at Jey to knock him off the ladder. Claymore by McIntyre. Jey falls out of the ring. McIntyre climbs and pulls down the briefcase for the win.

Winner and NEW Mr. Money in the Bank, Drew McIntyre!

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Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker and Zayn lock up. Breakker tosses Zayn clear across the ring. Zayn slaps Breakker in the face as Breakker dares him to hit him. Zayn lands a flurry of offense. Arabian Press by Zayn. Breakker accelerates and lands a Steiner line. Belly-to-belly by Breakker. Breakker works over Zayn. Zayn fires up. The fight spills out of the ring. Zayn sets up his diving DDT. Breakker counters with a lariat. Breakker sends Zayn back into the ring and calls for his finish. Zayn counter Breakker’s Spear with a kick to the head, followed by a blue thunder bomb. Breakker kicks out.

Zayn goes up top. Breakker surprises Zayn with a double jump Frankensteiner. Zayn kicks out. Zayn rolls out of the ring. Breakker tries a surprise Spear, but Zayn leaps out of the way. Breakker puts on the brakes before he crashes into the ring steps. Zayn ends up by the commentary desk. Breakker slams Zayn’s head into the commentary desk. Breakker leaps off the ring apron and flattens Zayn with a lariat. Zayn escapes a press slam and hits an exploder. Breakker counters with a running knee. Press powerslam by Breakker. Breakker calls for the Spear. Zayn kicks Breakker in the head and hits the Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn!

WWE Hall of Famer and Host of MITB Trish Stratus walks out on the stage. Stratus Introduces a surprise guest, John Cena!

In-Ring Segment: John Cena

Cena’s gear has farewell written on it… Cena says he is here to officially announce his retirement from WWE. The crowd goes nuts. Cena says he is doing this here tonight because, over the years, he has come to realize that the Canadian fans always show up. Cena says the 2025 WrestleMania will be the last WrestleMania he competes in. The crowd boos. Cena will be opening the press conference after the show and fielding questions about his retirement. Cena thanks the crowd. A “Thank you, Cena!” chant breaks out.

Backstage, Damian Priest tells The Judgement Day to stay out of his business tonight. Even if McIntyre shows up. Priest leans in and repeats it for Finn Bálor. Priest walks off. Bálor says, whatever you say, boss.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Rollins immediately attempts a Pedigree. Priest escapes and tries South of Heaven. Rollins escapes. After a series of reversals, Priest lands a broken arrow. Slingblade by Rollins. Rollins sends Priest over the top with a clothesline. Rollins calls for McIntyre to come try to cash in now. When nothing happens, Rollins decides to hit a series of suicide dives, the last of which sends Priest flying over the commentary desk. Priest is out of it. Rollins sends Priest back into the ring and hits a springboard swanton, followed by a springboard moonsault. Priest kicks out.

Headlock driver by Priest. Priest looks towards the entranceway to see if McIntyre is lurking. No sign of McIntyre. Priest works over Rollins. Priest tries a leap out of the corner, but Rollins catches him and hits a powerslam. Frog Splash by Rollins. Priest kicks out. Buckle bomb by Rollins. Priest counters Rollins’ rana attempt with a powerbomb. Rollins kicks out. Priest and Rollins trade strikes.

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After a series of reversals, Rollins lands a Stomp! Priest kicks out! Rollins yells at Priest to stand and fight him. Rollins drives Priest into the corner. Priest lifts Rollins and hits a Razor’s Edge. Rollins kicks out at two. Superplex by Rollins. Priest and Rollins take turns countering each other. Rollins hits a falcon arrow. Priest kicks out at 2.9. Rollins argues with the referee. Drew McIntyre’s music hits. McIntyre officially cashes in his MITB contract.

McIntyre calls for a Claymore. Priest cuts him off with a clothesline. McIntyre drops Priest with a Claymore. Before McIntyre can pin Priest, CM Punk appears out of nowhere and attacks McIntyre. Punk hits McIntyre with a chair repeatedly. Punk lays McIntyre out with the World Championship. McIntyre walks into South of Heaven from Priest. Priest pin McIntyre.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Damian Priest!

After the match, Rollins tries to confront Punk. Corey Graves holds Rollins back. Punk screwed McIntyre… but he also screwed Rollins.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Naomi vs. Chelsea Green vs. Iyo Sky vs. Zoey Stark vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Lyra Valkyria

Everyone pairs off and brawls out of the ring. Chelsea Green is left in the ring. Green fears heights, so she can’t bring herself to climb the ladder. Green tries to use the ladder to knock the ladder off the hook. Sky takes Green out with a springboard dropkick. Sky dropkicks Stratton into a ladder. Meteroa by Sky. Valkyria suplexes Sky into a ladder that tips over and lands on them both. Tornado DDT by Valkyria to Sky. Valkyria drops Sky with a fisherman’s buster on a ladder. Stark dropkicks Valkyria out of nowhere.

Stark Samoan drops Valkyria on a ladder. Valkyria is helpless as Stark tries a slingshot press, but she lands headfirst on a ladder. Naomi Thez presses Stark on a ladder. Stratton catches Naomi with her cartwheel Alabama slam. Stratton walks up a ladder, dives off the ring post, and lands a swanton on the field outside the ring. Back in the ring, Green sets up a ladder and hypes herself to climb. Green starts to climb but gets hit by a ladder from Sky. Valkyria tries to climb the ladder. Sky traps Valkyria in the tree of woe.

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Sky stomps Valkyria’s head. Valkyria sits up and hits a spider suplex on Sky. Stark rolls in and slams Valkyria off the ladder. Naomi gets caught between two ladders. Stark and Green pull the ladders, causing Naomi to do a split. Naomi grabs Stark and hits a DDT. Naomi pulls a table from under the ring. Green and Stratton attack Naomi and set up two tables at ringside. Sky and Green accidentally bridge a ladder between the ropes and another ladder.

Green gets suplexed on the ladder. Stark powerbombs Valkyria off a ladder onto another ladder. Green drops Naomi with the Unprettiher on a ladder. Stark and Sky both climb the ladder. Sky Michinoku drivers Stark off the top of the ladder onto another ladder. That was nasty. Green is the only person left standing. Green climbs the ladder. Stratton climbs the ladder next to Green’s ladder. Stratton pushes over Green’s ladder. Green falls from the top of her ladder out of the ring through two tables. Stratton pulls down the briefcase for the win.

Winner and NEW Miss Money in the Bank, Tiffany Stratton!

The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Jacob Fatu) w/Tanga Loa vs. Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens

Owens stares daggers through Jacob Fatu. Sikoa acts like he’s going to start the match, but he tags in Tonga instead. Rhodes drops Tonga with a drop-down uppercut. Bulldog by Rhodes. Owens tags in and unloads on Tonga with rights and lefts. Owens stomps Tonga in the corner. Rhodes tags back in and slams Tonga to the mat with a delay gourd buster. Orton tags in and works over Tonga in the corner. Tonga pokes Orton in the eye and tags in Fatu.

Fatu charges in and gets sent flying out of the ring. Fatu tries to get back in the ring. Orton hangman DDTs Fatu. Fatu pops back up to his feet. Orton drops down to call for the RKO. Orton looks up and sees Fatu snarling at him. Fatu sends Orton flying with a Samoan drop. Fatu tags in Sikoa. Sikoa works over Orton. Tonga tags in and lands a diving elbow to Orton. The Bloodline takes turns working over Orton. Orton manages to tag in Owens, who turns Tonga inside out with a clothesline.

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Owens knocks Fatu off the apron and crushes Tonga in the corner with a cannonball. Swanton by Owens. Fatu breaks up the pin and drags Tonga to the corner to tag out. The Bloodline works over Owens. Owens manages to tag in Rhodes as Fatu tags in Sikoa. Rhodes lands a flurry of offense. Disaster kick by Rhodes. Tonga eats a Cody cutter. Rhodes lands a dive on Sikoa. Loa pushes Fatu out of the way and gets crushed by a dive by Rhodes. Fatu tries to put Rhodes through the barricade. Rhodes counters with a back body drop. Spears Rhodes. Rhodes kicks out. The referee gets taken out. Rhodes drops Sikoa with Crossroads. Owens lands a frog splash. Orton RKOs Sikoa.

The referee is still out. Rhodes, Owens, and Orton set up a Cerberus bomb. Fatu breaks it up. Tonga eats a Stunner. The referee gets crushed against the ringsteps. Owens puts Fatu through the commentary desk with a splash off the barricade. Owens sets up a package piledriver. Loa rolls in the ring and low blows Owens. Orton RKOs everyone. Sikoa Samoan Spikes Orton. Rhodes hits two Crossroads on SIkoa. Fatu Fatu surprises Rhodes with a whisper in the wind. Fatu holds Rhodes as Sikoa Spikes him. Sikoa pins Rhodes.

Winners- The Bloodline

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