WWE NXT Heatwave Results
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WWE NXT Heatwave Results (7/7/24)

WWE NXT Heatwave Results

July 7, 2024

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com


Karmen Petrovic & Arianna Grace Def. Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx

Main Card:

NXT North American Championship Match: Oba Femi (c) vs. Wes Lee

Lee tries to use his speed but gets trapped in the corner by Femi. Femi gives Lee a clean break, but Lee kicks Femi in the face. Femi bows up and walks Lee down. Lee slaps Femi. Femi tosses Lee into the corner. Femi sits Lee on the top rope and smacks him off. Lee gets back in the ring. Femi lifts Lee on his shoulder and tosses him high in the air. Lee spins before he slams into the mat, face first. Femi tosses Lee over the top.

Femi launches Lee into the exposed steel under the ring. The referee counts as Lee is out on the floor. Lee manages to roll in before the 10 count. Femi works over Lee. Femi traps Lee in a tree of woe, but Lee avoids Femi’s spear. Lee kicks Femi’s head into the ring post. After a series of reversals, Lee sends Femi over the top. Femi obliterates Lee with a chop on the apron. Lee surprises Femi with a knee to the head.

Lee fires up and lands a flurry of strikes. Tornado DDT by Lee. Kick out by Femi. Femi rolls out of the ring. Lee lands three dives in a row. Lee tries a springboard Meteora. Femi catches him in the air. Lee tries to turn it into a sunset flip, but Femi puts on the brakes. Lee manages to take Femi over for a near fall. Femi blasts Lee with a European uppercut as he sails through the air. The crowd oohs as Femi carries Lee up top.

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Lee tries a rana, but Femi counters with a powerbomb that Lee counters into an x-factor. Lee lands that Cardiac Kick. Femi kicks out. Lee lands a frog splash. Femi grabs Lee by the neck. Lee escapes Femi’s chokeslams, and both men fall over the top. Lee tries a dive but gets caught. Femi lands a shoulder breaker. Lee tries the Cardiac Kick again, but Femi reverses it into a tossing powerbomb. Femi follows that with a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Winner and STILL North American Champion, Oba Femi!

NXT Women’s North American Championship Match: Kelani Jordan (c) vs. Sol Ruca

Ruca and Jordan take turns avoiding each other’s attacks with flips. Neither woman can get an advantage, leading to a stalemate. Jordan and Ruca give each other a nod of approval. Another flip exchange leads to yet another stalemate. After a series of reversals, Ruca tries an X-Factor, but Jordan handstands out of it and lands a splash. Ruca cartwheels out of a clothesline and lands an X-Factor for a near fall. Surfboard by Ruca. Jordan lands her spinning hip toss. A rana by Jordan causes Ruca to roll out of the ring.

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Corkscrew splash by Jordan. X-Factor by Jordan. Ruca kicks out. Ruca rolls out of the way as Jordan sets up her finish. Jordan walks into a springboard by Ruca. Ruca lands another. Jordan gets to her feet. Ruca lands a springboard 450 clothesline for a near fall. Jordan and Ruca trade strikes. Step over kick by Jordan. Poison rana by Jordan. Ruca rolls out of the ring. Asai moonsault by Jordan. Ruca floors Jordan with a PK. Triangle moonsault by Ruca.

Both women are out on the floor as the referee counts. Jordan and Ruca both manage to break the count at 9.9. Ruca and Jordan trade pin attempts. Powerbomb by Ruca. Jordan kicks out. Jordan attempts a 450, but Ruca gets her knees up. Ruca sets up the Sol Snatcher, but Jordan catches her foot and slams her to the mat. Ruca kicks out. Jordan tries another poison rana. Ruca blocks it. Jordan struggles as Ruca walks Jordan up to the top rope on her shoulders. Jordan reverses Ruca into a top rope poison rana. Ruca is out. Jordan hits One of a Kind for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s North American Champion, Kelani Jordan!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Axiom and Nathan Frazer (c) vs. Chase U (Andre Chase and Duke Hudson) w/Thea Hail and Riley Osborn

Chase gets worked over by Frazer. Hudson tags in and tosses Frazer clear across the ring. Hudson lands a few strikes. Chase and Hudson work over Frazer together. Frazer surprises Chase with a head kick and tags in Axiom. Axiom and Frazer double-team Chase and get a two-count. The champs take turns working over Chase. Chase manages to tag in Hudson. Hudson clears the ring. Hudson sets up a Razor’s Edge. Frazer reverses it into a rana that sends Hudson into the turnbuckle.

Axiom and Frazer land several dives. Frog Splash by Axiom. Frazer follows that with. springboard 450. Hudson kicks out. Frazer goes up top. Hudson sends Frazer flying with Stratusfaction! Spinning side slam by Hudson. Frazer kicks out. Axiom takes Hudson off the top with a Spanish Fly. Phoenix Splash by Frazer. Chase breaks up the pin by leaping off Frazer’s back and hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Axiom. Frazer accidentally superkicks Axiom.

Chase rolls up Axiom. Axiom kicks out. Chase stomps Axiom. Chase lands a high crossbody. Frazer breaks up the pin. Chase goes up top. Frazer hops up and hits a superplex. Axiom and Frazer hit the Kiss of the Dragon. Frazer dives over the top onto Hudson. Axiom destroys Chase with the Golden Ratio for the win.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, Axiom and Nathan Frazer!

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NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Lola Vice

Vice and Perez lock up. Perez slaps Vice. Vice pushes Perez. Vice reverses a roll up from Perez into an armbar. Perez escapes and works over Vice’s arm. Vice suplexes Perez. Perez narrowly avoids a spinning back fist and rolls out of the ring. Vice lands a senton off the apron. Perez sends Vice into the middle rope. Perez works over Vice. Vice lands a flurry of kicks, which knock Perez into the corner. Running hip attack by Vice. Vice follows that with an axe kick. Perez kicks out. Sunset Flip by Perez. Vice kicks out.

Perez tries a back elbow in the corner. Vice reverses it into a rear naked choke. Perez turns it into a pin. Vice kicks out. Vice locks in another rear naked choke. Perez rolls out of the ring to break the hold. Vice tries a spinning back fist, but Perez ducks. Vice hand smashes into the ring post. Perez stomps on Vice’s injured hand. Perez focuses her assault on Vice’s hand. Vice fires back. Perez misses a double jump moonsault. Vice lands a nasty spinning back fist.

Perez falls out of the ring. Perez is out cold. Vice sends Perez back into the ring. Perez puts her foot on the rope to break Vice’s pin. Perez sends Vice into the ring post, hand first. Vice escapes Pop Rocks and tries another back fist. Perez blocks it and hits Pop Rocks. Vice kicks out! Perez tosses Vice out of the ring and clears the commentary desk. Perez hits Pop Rocks on the commentary desk. Vice kicks out. Perez locks Vice in the crossface. Vice almost gets to the ropes. Perez gets up and hits Pop Rocks… then another Pock Rocks… and ANOTHER Pop Rocks for the win!

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Roxanne Perez!

NXT Championship Match: Trick Williams (c) vs. Je’Von Evans vs. Shawn Spears vs. Ethan Page

After the bell rings, Page hops out of the ring and tells everyone else to fight. Evan immediately takes Page out with a dive. Williams and Spears trade shots in the ring. Body slam by Williams. Williams sends Spears over the top. Page and Evans trade shot. Page and Spears argue as they take turns slamming Williams and Evan’s head into the ring steps. Spears and Page square off in the ring. Both men poke each other in the eye. Evans and Williams clear the ring. Williams and Evans square dap each other up before locking up. Evans lands a flurry of offense.

Evans gets a near fall after a roll up. Williams is shocked. Evans tells Williams he was this close. Williams clotheslines Evans. Dropkick by Williams. Spears brings a chair into the ring. Williams lands a Harlem sidekick. Williams flapjacks Page and Spears at the same time. Evans almost takes Williams out with a springboard crossbody, but Williams ducks. Evans lands on Page and Spears. Page suplexes Evans onto Spears. Page launches Evans at Williams and Spears. Pop up powerslam by Page. Evans kicks out. Williams takes Evans off the top in an electric chair.

Williams grabs Spears in the DDT position. Page dives off the top and clotheslines Evans off Williams’ shoulders, sending Williams into a DDT on Spears. Williams and Page both try pins, but Evans and Spears kicks out. Spears brings a chair into the ring and takes everyone out with it. Evans tries a springboard, but Spear wacks him out of the air with a chair shot. Spears sets up a chair in the corner and hits the C4 on Williams on the chair. Williams kicks out. Everyone lands a big move. Williams clears the commentary desk.

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Williams sends Page into the ring post. Evans leaps over the ring post. Page moves, so Evans lands on Williams. Williams crashes through the barricade. Spear brings Evans back into the ring and hits a top rope C4 on Evans. Page tosses Spears out of the ring and tries to steal the pin. Evans somehow kicks out. Williams gets sent over the top by a rana from Spears. Evans hits a top rope Spanish Fly on Page. Top rope diving cutter by Evans. Williams breaks up the pin. Williams and Evans trade strikes. Evans tries a springboard kick as Williams does a cyclone boot. Both men are down.

Spears sets up a superplex. Evans gives Spears the finger and hits a top rope cutter. Corkscrew splash by Evans. Williams breaks up the pin. Evans tries a springboard, but Williams pushes Evans off the ropes. Evans crashes into the commentary desk. Williams looks conflicted. Williams tries a boot on Spears, but Spears steps back and traps Williams in the Sharpshooter. Page breaks it up and hits the Ego’s Edge on Williams. Evans puts Williams’ foot on the bottom. Williams lands a Trick Shot on Evans and on Page. Spears pulls Williams out of the ring and holds his leg. Page falls on top or Evans for the win. Williams is LIVID.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Ethan Page!

Referees hold Williams back as he tries to get his hands on Page. As the show fades to Black, an image of Joe Hendry flashes on the screen.

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