tiffany stratton
Photo Credit: WWE / Peacock

Tiffany Stratton Is Ready To Step Inside The Ring With Trish Stratus

Tiffany Stratton wants a little Stratusfaction.

This past Saturday night was the Money In the Bank Premium Live Event. One of the marquee matches of the night was the Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. After a lot of chaos, former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton managed to climb up the ladder and grab the briefcase. Considering the track record of the past Women’s Money In The Ladder Match winners, Stratton most likely has guaranteed herself to become a champion in WWE.

The Money In The Bank Premium Live Event took place live from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The host of the event was Canada’s own, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. After Stratton won the MITB Ladder Match, she ran into Stratus and the two had a small interaction. During their face-off, the self-proclaimed Center of The Universe claimed that Stratus should be appreciating Stratton instead of talking about her.

At the post-show Press Conference, the Buff Barbie was asked about her run-in with the WWE Hall of Famer. Tiffany Stratton was also asked if she was ready to wrestle the former WWE Women’s Champion inside the squared circle. The Buff Barbie replied by mentioning that Trish Stratus is one of her idols and reason why she became a professional wrestler. Stratton also assured that she is ready to wrestle the Stratus. She also called Trish Stratus as one of the Greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

“Listen, those are two different, completely different generations. And Trish, Trishy, Trishytime, she is one of my idols in professional wrestling. And I am ready to get in the ring with the G.O.A.T,” Tiffany Stratton said.

Would you like to see Stratton take on Trish Stratus?