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Photo Credit: AEW

Mercedes Moné Reunites With Bayley To Train With Amazing Red

Mercedes Moné traveled to New York City to train alongside Bayley and Amazing Red.

The two stars are among the most popular female wrestlers in the world today. Bayley currently holds the WWE Women’s Championship, while Mercedes Moné recently added the NJPW Strong Women’s title to the TBS championship that she already holds.

However, the pair are not ones to rest on their laurels. Ever the students of the game, they traveled to New York recently to train at House of Glory, alongside indie legend Amazing Red.

Mercedes Moné posted a video on her Instagram account of her training at House of Glory. It showed the TBS Champion training in the ring, performing various different drills with a number of opponents. Mone also attempted a sliding head-scissors from the ring to the outside, a move we could see in AEW soon enough.

At the start of the video, Mercedes Moné spoke about The Amazing Red, saying, “Back at House of Glory. It’s been two years. You know I had to go to my sensei, my master, The Amazing Red. When it comes to the best in the business, he’s the greatest of all time. I can’t wait to train with him.”

At one point in the video, Mercedes Moné and Bayley posed with their respective title along with The Amazing Red. Bayley sheepishly said, “She made me do it! It’s embarrassing”.

In the caption for the post, Mercedes Mone, she thanked the “HOG Krew”, and said she came to New York just to leanr from Amazing Red.

“Always gotta stop by @hogwrestling to learn from @sensationalamazingred anytime I’m in New York! Thank you HOG Krew”