WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results (7/8/24)

WWE Raw Results

July 8, 2024

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Punk wishes John Cena the best on his retirement. He would love to lace ’em up again against Cena. Punk says Cena isn’t here, and you know who else isn’t? Drew McIntyre isn’t. McIntyre went and got himself suspended. Punk throws to footage of McIntyre losing it during the MITB post-show. Punk came back to finish McIntyre. He wants to teach McIntyre a lesson. There are consequences to your actions. CM Punk is the consequence of all of McIntyre’s actions. McIntyre made a big promise, and so did Punk.

McIntyre will NEVER be champion again as long as there is air in Punk’s lungs. Punk wants to get his hands on McIntyre. The crowd cheers. Punk needs Adam Pearce out here right now to lift McIntyre’s suspension. Seth “Freakin” Rollins music hits. Punk rolls his eyes so hard you can hear them grinding against his eyelids. As Rollins slowly walks to the ring. Punk goes and hangs out at the commentary desk. As Punk sits on the desk, Rollins says that Punk now wants to sit on the sidelines.

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Rollins asks Punk if he’s afraid he’s going to kick his ass. Punk laughs and gets in the ring. Punk reminds Rollins that the last time they were in the ring, he told Rollins he only got that one chance to disrespect him. Rollins says he understands much of what happened at the PLE, but he doesn’t understand why Punk stuck his nose in his business. Punk apologizes to Rollins. He didn’t mean to screw anything up for Rollins. The crowd cheers. Punk adds that since it’s Rollins, maybe he isn’t that sad.

Rollins tells Punk he’s gaslighting him. Rollins notes that Punk still hasn’t learned that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Punk shakes his head as Rollins says he would be standing here as world champion. Rollins promises Punk that as long as he is here, Punk will never get his hands on McIntyre again. The minute Punk is healed, Rollins promises to snap his arm to stop him from getting his hands on McIntyre. Actions have consequences.

Jey Uso vs. Chad Gable

Gable takes Jey down and paintbrushes the back of his head. Jey fires back with a few punches. Gable takes Jey down again. Gable and Jey take turns blocking each other’s hip tosses. Jey manages to launch Gable over the top. Jey tries a dive. Gable catches Jey and hits a belly-to-belly out on the floor.

After the break, Gable lands a diving headbutt for a near fall. Jey sends Gable over the top. Dive by Jey. Jey sends Gable back into the ring. Crossbody by Jey. Gable kicks out again. Gable locks Jey in the Ankle Lock. The lights start to go out in the arena. Gable gets scared. Jey surprises Gable with a Spear. Jey pins Gable

Winner- Jey Uso

As soon as the bell rings, Jey gives the crowd a yeet and gets the hell out of dodge. The lights go out, and the ring fills with smoke. Sister Abigail appears. Gable runs away. Sister Abigail drops another box on the commentary desk for Michael Cole.

Backstage, Bronson Reed gets in Sheamus’ face, calling him a loser. Sheamus wants Reed in the ring. Reed says he would, but not tonight. Reed has a match with Sheamus’ little buddy, Pete Dunne.

Bronson Reed vs. Pete Dunne

Dunne traps Reed in an armbar. Reed lifts Dunne off the mat. Reed ends up falling outside the ring. Dunne lands a moonsault. After the break, Dunne lands a flurry of offense. Reed counters a rana with a buckle bomb into a sit-out powerbomb. Dunne kicks out. Reed goes up top. Dunne cuts him off and snaps his fingers. Reed drops Dunne on the top rope. Reed flattens Dunne with a Tsunami for the win.

Winner- Bronson Reed

After the match, Reed drags Dunne back to the corner for another splash. Sheamus’ music hits. Sheamus hits the ring and makes the save, Brogue Kicking Reed out of the ring. Sheamus tries to hug Dunne, but Dunne pulls away. Sheamus looks confused. Dunne walks away.

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Backstage, Rollins finds Damian Priest. Rollins gives Priest props for being both good and lucky. Priest tells Rollins that once he’s done with Gunther at SummerSlam, they can throw their gentlemen’s agreement out of the window. If Rollins wants another shot, he’s got it. Priest and Rollins shake. Rollins walks away. Priest’s phone rings. We don’t know who he is talking to, but he asks whoever it is where they are.

In-Ring Segment: Sami Zayn

Zayn says Bron Breakker made the mistake of thinking Zayn was the underdog at MITB. Zayn isn’t an underdog, he is a champion. Bron Breakker interrupts. Breakker doesn’t say a word. Zayn hands Breakker the mic. Breakker says he didn’t expect Zayn to be the one to beat him. He knows he isn’t in line for another shot. Breakker Spears Zayn, out of no where. Breakker beats down Zayn. Referees and officials rush the ring. Breakker gets pulled away. As Zayn is being helped out of the ring. Breakker fakes out Pearce and runs back to ringside and Spears Zayn out of his boots again. Ilja Dragunov comes to ringside and gets in Breakker’s face. Dragunov is held back by referees.

The doctor checks on Zayn in the trainer’s room. Dragunov tells Pearce he wants Breakker tonight, and Pearce agrees.

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The Judgement Day (Finn Bálor and JD McDonagh) and Carlito vs. The Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth), and Braun Strowman

Bálor and McDonagh attack Truth and Miz during their entrance. Strowman runs down to the ring to make the save. Miz and Truth land stereo Attitude Adjustments on Bálor and McDonagh. The bell rings, and Truth lands the five moves of doom on McDonagh. Bálor tries to break up the pin with an elbow drop, but Truth moves out of the way. Bálor lands on McDonagh.

Miz, Truth, and Strowman clear the ring. After the break, The Judgement Day is taking turns working over Miz. Miz manages to tag in Strowman. Strowman tosses McDonagh all over the ring. McDonagh tags in Bálor. Bálor dives off the top into a chokeslam from Strowman. Strowman shoulder tackles Bálor and McDonagh at the same time. Bálor and McDonagh roll out of the ring.

Strowman and Truth lock arms and freight train Each member of The Judgement Day. McDonagh tosses a chair at Strowman, and he swats away. Strowman chases McDonagh into the crowd. Truth celebrates with the crowd. Miz tells Truth to turn around. Bálor hits a Woo dropkick, followed by the Coup de Grace for the win.

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Winners- The Judgement Day and Carlito

Ilja Dragunov vs. Bron Breakker

Dragunov misses a boot. Breakker lands a sky-high release German suplex. Dragunov lands a German suplex of his own. Dragunov holds on. Breakker breaks Dragunov’s grip. Breakker runs over Dragunov. Gorilla press powerslam by Breakker. Breakker kicks Dragunov out of the ring. After the break, Breakker catches Dragunov and lands a spinebuster. Breakker works over Dragunov’s ribs. Dragunov and Breakker trade strikes. Running knee by Dragunov. Dragunov goes up top. Breakker cuts Dragunov off.

Dragunov slips under and hits a powerbomb. Senton Bomb by Dragunov. Breakker kicks out. Dragunov calls for the Torpedo Moskau. Breakker counters with a running knee. Gutbuster by Breakker. Breakker sits Dragunov on the top rope. Breakker tries a pop-up Frankensteiner, but Dragunov blocks it with a chop. Dragunov gets sent flying out of the ring with a lariat. Breakker tries a sneak attack Spear out on the floor, but Dragunov gets a knee up. Dragunov charges in. Breakker tosses a desk chair at Dragunov’s head, causing a disqualification.

Winner- Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Breakker beats down Dragunov. Sami Zayn runs down to the ring while flanked by referees and officials. Zayn hits the ring and attacks Breakker. Zayn sends Breakker out of the ring with a clothesline. Breakker hits the floor with a thud. Zayn checks on Dragunov. Breakker pulls Zayn out of the ring and launches him into the ring post. Dragunov tries to help and gets tossed over the commentary desk. Breakker throws Zayn over the desk as well.

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Damage CTRL (Kairi Sane, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky) vs. Lyra Valkyria, Kayden Carter, and Kitana Chance

As soon as the bell rings, everyone brawls. Once order is restored, Carter, Chance, and Valkyria triple-team Dakota Kai. Valkyria and Co. clear the ring. After the break, Chance manages to take in Valkyria. Valkyria lands a flurry of offense. Triple suplex spot by Valkyria, Chance, and Carter. Carter and Chance land the Keg Stand. Sky breaks up the pin with a springboard dropkick. Sky lands the Over the Moonsault on Carter for the win.

Winners- Damage CTRL

After the match, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, and Sonya Deville hop the barricade and attack Damage CTRL.

Mixed Tag Match: Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega vs. Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio

Vega is all over Morgan as soon as the bell rings. Morgan tags in Dominik. Rey and Dominik trade counters. Vega tags in. Rey tosses Vega into a rana on Dominik. Morgan attacks Vega from behind. Corner 10 punches by Vega. Vega sets up a Meteroa in the corner. Dominik steps in the way. Rey dropskicks Dominik. Dominik falls, and as he lands, his head ends up between Morgan’s legs. Morgan lights up like a Christmas tree. Dominik gets flustered and rolls out of the ring. Morgan follows.

Vega dives off the apron and catches Morgan with a Metora. Rey dives off the apron and flattens Dominik with a seated senton. After the break, Dominik works over his father. Dominik rips Rey’s mask. Rey manages to tag in Vega. Vega lands a flurry of strikes followed by a Meteora off the top. Vega tries Code Red, but Morgan avoids it. Three Amigos by Morgan. Morgan tries Oblivion, but Vega hooks the ropes. Double clothesline, both women are down. Morgan and Vega both tag out at the same time.

Rey sends Dominik flying with a head scissors. Seated senton by Rey. Dominik tries a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through and lands a PK. Springboard moonsault by Rey. Dominik kicks out. Superkick by Dominik. Dominik tries the three amigos. Rey puts on the brakes and sends Dominik into the ropes. Dominik blocks Rey’s 619. Vega sneaks in and hits a 619 to Domink’s gut.

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Rey lands a splash off the top. Morgan breaks up the pin. Morgan sends Vega into the ring steps. Rey sets up a top rope rana. Morgan slides a chair into the ring to distract the referee. Morgan crotches Rey on the top rope. Rey falls to the mat. Dominik lands a frog splash and, for the first time, pins his father, Rey Mysterio.

Winners- Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio

After the match. Morgan and Dominik hug. Dominik catches himself and tries to pull away. Morgan jumps on Dominik. They both fall to the mat and almost kiss. Rhea Ripley’s music hits. Ripley stomps to the ring. Morgan runs away through the crowd. Ripley gets in the ring, and Dominik tries to embrace her. The screen cuts to black.

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