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Photo Credit: WWE

John Cena Reveals Why He Follows So Many People On Twitter

John Cena is known for his social media presence, and he follows almost a million people. The 16-time world champion recently explained why he follows so many people.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Cena was asked about following more than 800,000 people on Twitter. He stated that he wanted to hear from everyone and expose himself to various opinions, including negativity.

“The reason I want to follow everyone is because I want to hear from everyone,” John Cena said. “You get everyone’s opinion, and through that you can develop your own opinions. I’ve got to be honest, there’s a lot of negativity on there. I want to be exposed to all that, even the toxicity. I’m curious and I don’t ever want to lose my curiosity for life. But I try to put out something positive and thought-provoking every day.”

Cena is currently preparing to return to WWE for one final run. At WWE Money in the Bank, he announced that he will have a farewell tour in 2025.

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