wcw ref cam
Photo Credit: WCW

Report: WWE Has Discussed Return Of Ref Cam

NXT could be seeing the return of a controversial gimmick from WCW.

In the early 1990s, the company utilised a helmet with a camera attached to be worn by the referees during matches. This ref cam gave the broadcasters more options, and gave the fans a new never-before-seen angle inside the ring.

This was known as “Refer-Eye cam”, a play on the words “referee” and “eye”. It makes sense, given that you get the referee’s view of the match via the camera. However, it’s not the best name in the world.

Fans weren’t in love with the concept, and it hasn’t been used for many years. However, that could all be about to change. Recent reports indicating WWE could be bringing the ref cam back in NXT.

Fightful Select reported that WWE have been considering the return of the ref cam in NXT. Sean Ross Sapp claimed that the ref cam could be used soon in NXT, despite the fans negative opinion on the concept in the past.

“Another element discussed of late has been the utilization of a ref cam, which could make it’s way on screen soon, per Sapp.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Triple H has used NXT to trial previously-abandoned concepts. He brought back the War Games match in NXT in 2017, while also having Paul Ellering locked in a shark cage the year prior.

NXT has also utilized numerous trademarks from WCW over the years. PPV names like Heatwave, Great American Bash and Halloween Havoc have all been used in recent years. Clearly, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have an affinity for the now-defunct wrestling organization.