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Will Ospreay Explains Why AEW Roster Doesn’t Miss Having Black Ropes

Will Ospreay says the roster of All Elite Wrestling doesn’t miss having black ropes.

Weekly AEW programming has shifted away from using black ropes in favor of white ones on Dynamite and red ones on Collision. While some fans wish the company would bring the black ropes back, The Aerial Assassin explains why that isn’t a great idea.

A fan took to social media this morning to state he misses having the black ropes on weekly AEW programming. Ospreay noticed this and decided to speak on behalf of the roster by stating that they don’t miss them, tweeting out:

“Allow me to say on behalf of everyone. We do not miss black ropes *crying laughing emoji,*” Will Ospreay said in a post.

Ospreay would further clarify in a follow-up post why that is and gave a perfect example of why he isn’t a fan of wrestling with black ropes.

“Honestly bruv. One time I was running towards them….i could see the audience but I couldn’t see the ropes *crying laughing emoji,*” Will Ospreay said.

While the black ropes might be cool to those watching at home, Ospreay’s example explains why they shouldn’t be a thing going forward for wrestler’s safety.

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What do you make of Will Ospreay’s comments overall? What color of wrestling ropes are your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.