Exclusive: How ROH Sale Will Affect Cary Silkin & Top Execs

Since the news broke yesterday that Ring of Honor has been sold to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, WrestleZone has received numerous emails from readers wanting to know where the sale of the company will leave former owner Cary Silkin and other top ROH executives.

To clarify for those who might be confused, the Sinclair Broadcast Group has indeed completely bought Ring of Honor, which means that Cary Silkin no longer owns the company and for all practical purposes is "out of a job." Despite ROH publicly assuming a "business as usual" stance, no one previously in charge of ROH has any power at this point.

WZ was told that the ROH sale can be compared to the sale of Strikeforce to UFC in that while Scott Coker is still a part of Strikeforce, he is merely a figurehead with no real power in the company. WZ was told that Cary Silkin is likely to remain with ROH in a similar capacity. This is a move businesses often make, in order to keep up appearances that a purchased company is still its own, unique entity.

As far as other members of the Silkin group are concerned, however, I would be very surprised if any of them are still with ROH in six months. Although UFC and Dana White maintained that business would run "as usual" when they purchased Strikefore, the majority of the Strikeforce front office was fired soon after the sale. Again, the same is likely to happen with ROH.

For those concerned with the future of creative team members such as Jim Cornette and Hunter "Delirious" Johnston, we have been told that the sale of Ring of Honor should NOT affect them in any way, and that their roles in ROH are expected to remain as they have been. Former WWE Smackdown head writer and ROH producer David Lagana’s status with ROH going forward is unknown at this time.