Jeff Jarrett Talks TNA Or Impact Wrestling, Savage’s Death

The following are highlights from a recent Jeff Jarrett interview conducted by AP writer Daniel Gelston:

Jarrett on Randy Savage: “I’ve known Randy since I was 11 or 12 years old. I’ve saw so many different sides of Randy. I’ve got just a flood of memories. It shocked me today.”

Jarrett on earliest Savage memories: “We called him the opposition promoter. His promotion in eastern Kentucky ran against my father’s promotion in the Tennessee area. There was a lot of bad blood and lawsuits and fights and threats and death threats. Because of the television situation, my father ended up winning that war and Randy came to work for my father. He was an arch enemy on Saturday morning, then he became a huge ally.”

Jarrett on Savage staying away from wrestling: “Randy saved his money. I’m sure he had 50 cents out of the first dollar he every made. I say that in the literal sense. His father had a persona as the miser way back when. Randy was very frugal with his money. When Randy stepped out of the ring, he didn’t need to come back. There wasn’t enough money to pay him to come back. He was a guy that retired and retired happily, finanically and emotionally.”

Jarrett on if the company is called TNA or Impact Wrestling: “It’s TNA, absolutely.”