TNA House Show Results (5/20): Amsterdam, NY

Thanks to Eddie Dunne for sending this in:

TNA House Show Results for 5/20, Amsterdam, NY:

-Kazarian defeated Robbie E when he hit a top rope elbow drop ala the Macho Man

-Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne

-Matt Morgan defeated The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

-AJ Styles defeated Tommy Dreamer

-Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarrett via submission

-Rob Van Dam defeated Mr. Anderson

Show Notes:

Before the show there was a 10 bell salute in honor of Randy Savage.

Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering amongst others made an appearance for the 10th annual Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions.

After the show, Borash announced that for $20, fans could take a picture with Rob Van Dam and Mick Foley. Borash put it over as a "once in a lifetime opportunity." While some people jumped at the chance, a lot of other people rolled their eyes and groaned, since it came across as very minor league that TNA would ask people to pay $20 for a polaroid picture when they’re supposed to be competing with WWE as the major league promotion in The United States.