*Spoilers* 5/20 WWE Smackdown Taping Results

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Source: Prowrestling.net

1. Christian beat Sheamus by DQ. Mark Henry interfered. Randy Orton took his time, but made the save.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase came out. Cody got major heat for the paper bags when DiBiase said he represented Corpus Christi with a bag over his head.

2. Ted DiBiase beat Trent Baretta.

Ezekiel Jackson came out and then The Corre followed. Teddy Long interrupted and made a six-man tag match.

3. Kane, Big Show, and Ezekiel Jackson beat The Corre in a six-man tag.

4. Brie Bella beat Natalya. Bella won with the X Factor. Kharma didn’t show up, which upset the fans.

5. Daniel Bryan beat Chavo Guerrero. A five minute match. Sin Cara came out and hit a huracanrana on Chavo after the match. It looked like they were setting up Sin Cara vs. Chavo for Over The Limit.

6. Randy Orton beat Mark Henry by DQ. Sheamus interfered. Christian took his time before coming out and making the save.

Dark Match

1. Randy Orton fought Christian to an apparent no-contest. The match ended in interference from Sheamus and Mark Henry.

Biggest pops: Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Christian

Most heat: Michael Cole, Sheamus, Mark Henry


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