Complete 5/26 TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Title Change

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*Ken Anderson dressed like Sting came out and cut a promo. He brought out, no kidding, Disco Inferno as his guest on the "Scorpion Sitdown", so he did an entire talk show mocking Sting before laying out Inferno. Sting made the save.

*AJ Styles and Chris Daniels defeated Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer in a street fight.

*Velvet Sky cuts a promo saying she is tied of the accusations against her. ODB comes out and says that a year ago, she was fired because she didn’t have the right look and she’s tired of people like Sky being what everyone thinks a female wrestler should be. ODB said she’s a pathetic woman and that’s why her best friend Angelina walked out on her. Sky tried to leave but ODB laid her out.

*Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan after Scott Steiner interfered.

*Eric Bischoff came out and said last week, they met with the Network and convinced them that only one person is qualified to run Impact wrestling and that man is Hulk Hogan. Hogan came to the ring and gloated, saying his genius is second to none. Hogan told Bischoff that what he did to the X-Division last week was genius as well. Mick Foley came out and said that no matter what Hogan thinks, all he did was make the Network mad, because after Hogan left the meeting, Foley showed them how the X-Division put TNA on the map, so it’s here to stay. Bischoff told the Bischoff told Foley it doesn’t matter because he has no power over what goes on the PPV shows. Foley said they can’t promote the PPVs without the Network, so they have no choice. Hogan tried to goad Foley into wrestling Abyss but a number of the X-Division talents come out. Brian Kendrick says he wants a shot at Abyss and that match is made.

*TNA Knockouts champion Mickie James pinned Winter. Angelina Love attacked James after the match.

*TNA X Division champion Abyss pinned Brian Kendrick.

*They refilmed the ODB and Velvet Sky segment.

*Eric Young pinned Gunner to win the TNA TV championship. Young laid down for Gunner and then small packaged him for the surprise win.

*Kurt Angle pinned Rob Van Dam with the Olympic Slam.


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