Bischoff & Hogan Want to Drop TNA Name, Exclusive Details

On last night’s edition of The Voice of Wrestling radio show, special guest Arda Ocal reported that Hulk Hogan has been in strong favor of TNA dropping the "TNA" part of the company’s name.

Ocal explained that during business meetings with sponsors, etc, Hogan has grown tired of having to explain to people what "TNA" stands for, and has grown tired of telling them "it does not stand for T*ts and A*s." On the contrary, he feels "Impact Wrestling" speaks for itself and is a more direct and to the point name for the product.

The Wrestling Observer is now reporting that both Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in favor of dropping the TNA name, and have been lobbying for its discontinued use in the company. The report added that Hogan feels people simply don’t take the name "TNA" seriously in meetings.