WWE SD! House Show Results (5/15): Austin, Texas

Thanks to Yusuf Baiani for sending this in:

Here are the results for the Smackdown House Show results at the UT Frank Erwin Center: 5/15/11.

Tony Chimel begins the show and announces a battle royal.

*Battle Royal : Alex Riley, Brodus Clay, Ted Dibiase, Yoshi Tatsu, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Ezekial Jackson, Mark Henry, Trent Baretta, Tyson Kidd – Ezekial Jackson ended up winning the match. The Corre come out and beat down on Jackson. Kane and The Great Khali run out and help Jackson defeat The Corre.

*Guest Announcer for this evening is The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. He comes out and congratulates Big Zeke on his win. He taunts The Corre and announces two matches: 1) Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs The Great Khali and Kane 2) Wade Barrett vs Ezekial Jackson for the Intercontinental title.

*Divas match up next. Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox vs AJ and Natalya. Crowd was really into this match. Crowd was chanting Rupaul towards Alicia since her hair is that weird red color now. Rosa’s pants fell down a bit exposing her leopard thong. She got a lot of whistles and cheers from the guys in the crowd. Natalya ended up getting the victory via submission when she put Rosa in the Sharpshooter.

*Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan is next. Tyson Kidd had a lot of boos. Daniel Bryan was getting tons of cheers. Big USA chants going on. Tyson Kidd was playing the role of the cocky heel and kept yelling to the crowd after landing some big moves, "I told you Canada was better!" This got him some major boos. Win came when Bryan locked in the Labelle Lock and made Kidd tap out.

*WrestleMania 27 Rematch: Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was out first to a tremendous amount of boos. He cut a promo on the crowd and does the whole paper big thing. Crowd is really riled up. Mysterio out next. Fans are going crazy for him. Mysterio won with the 619. Great match showcasing both of their talent. Mysterio took tons of photos and signed autographs with the crowd for a good 15 minutes.

*Dance contest. Dusty called in 4 people from the crowd. 2 girls, 1 older guy, and a little kid. They asked everyone to dance for the chance to win a big prize. The first 2 girls didn’t really dance. The older guy dancing was trying and did a decent job. He got a lot of laughs from the crowd. The little kid was doing cartwheels and trying to dance. Crowd ate this up. Little kid won and went backstage to meet the WWE Superstars. (I believe the little kid’s father was one of the Anti-Cena guys that John Cena shook hands with after he won the WWE title at WM27).


*Wade Barrett vs Ezekial Jackson. Barrett out to a lot of heat. Ezekial out to cheers. Crowd is really into this match. Big Zeke won when Barrett hit Zeke with a chair and got disqualified. Barrett posed with the belt and went to leave the ring. However, he came back and started beating down Jackson again. Zeke eventually overpowered him and threw him out of the ring and posed with the Intercontinental championship.

*The Corre: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs The Great Khali and Kane. Khali and Kane came out to a good crowd reaction. Gabriel and Slater were booed. Good match which saw Kane and Khali win. Khali danced in the ring for a while.

*Main Event: Sheamus vs Christian vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus out to a chorus of boos. He threw his shirt to a guy in the crowd that dressed up and looked exactly like him. Christian out to a really loud pop. Randy Orton out last to a thunderous ovation. Easily the loudest pop of the night. Orton won with the RKO on Sheamus. He poses a little bit and Christian comes into the ring. He looks at the World Heavyweight title and looks at Orton. They eventually shake hands and Christian raises Orton’s hand in victory. Orton poses some more and signs autographs to send the audience home happy.

Overall, this was an amazing show. It didn’t have all the filler that Monday Night Raw does and I implore you wrestling fans out there to go if they have one in your town. The wrestlers engage with the crowd all night and overall, just go out there and have fun.

*Note* I will say during the main event, the way Orton held himself in the ring was a bit odd. His facial expressions and body language throughout the match seemed like he didn’t want to be there. This didn’t take away from the main event at all but I thought it was an interesting note nonetheless.


-Tyson Kidd

-The Corre


-Cody Rhodes (Loudest)


-Randy Orton(Loudest)

-Rey Myserio(Close second)


-Daniel Bryan