New Rey Mysterio Jr to Debut?, Current SSlam Creative Plans

Source: The Wrestling Observer

It’s being reported that at the May 27th CMLL live event in Tijuana, Mexico, a new Rey Mysterio, Jr is expected to debut. Rey Mysterio, Sr, who is the uncle of the current WWE star Rey Mysterio, Jr, real name Oscar Gutierrez, has been training the new Mysterio for quite sometime and it’s being said that he has a lot of potential. It should be noted that WWE star Rey Mysterio has given his blessing to the new Mysterio. It is customary in Mexico for famous wrestlers to allow a new talent to use a "Jr" version of their name in exchange for a cut of their earnings.

The WWE creative team has begun working on early creative plans for this year’s SummerSlam PPV, and several ideas have been discussed for top matches at the PPV.

At this point, current plans call for John Cena to defend the WWE Title against Alberto Del Rio, who was recently drafted to the Raw brand. Despite losing several World Title Matches, WWE still considers Del Rio to be a top talent and a future champion.

Additionally, Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth was originally planned for SummerSlam, however, due to John Morrison’s recent injury, that match has been bumped up to the Over The Limit PPV. It’s likely that when Morrison returns to the ring, his match against R-Truth will take place at SummerSlam.

As we exclusively reported yesterday, Batista is unlikely to return to WWE anytime soon, and thus creative has not been discussing possible SummerSlam plans for the former WWE star.