Eliminated TE Name Works OVW Match, Brett DiBiase Update

Thanks to Jason Saint for sending this in: Ryan "Skidmarks" Howe, from Tough Enough, had a match at the OVW TV taping last night against OVW’s own Elvis Pridemoore. It should be noted that Ryan’s girlfriend Jessie Belle Smothers (the daughter of Tracy Smothers, also the ‘girlfriend’ he spoke of on Tough Enough) also competed in a tag team match, teaming with Mickie Knuckles. All of the above mentioned are slated to appear at OVW shows through the weekend.

As we previously noted, despite reports that he had been released from FCW, developmental talent Brett DiBiase, the younger brother of Ted DiBiase, Jr, has not in fact been released and is struggling with a lingering knee injury. As a result of this injury, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that DiBiase has been training to become a referee.