Exclusive: Rumor Killer on Batista’s Potential WWE Return

There has been wild speculation on the Internet in the past few weeks regarding the potential return to WWE of David Bautista, better known simply as Batista.

When UFC purchased the Strikeforce MMA promotion, Batista and his MMA handlers immediately announced their deal with Strikeforce was dead.

Now Batista finds himself without a high profile regular job, or so the Internet has been speculating. However, WrestleZone has exclusively learned that Batista has a ton of offers from Hollywood, and not just in the under-2 million dollar direct-to-dvd concept Stone Cold Steve Austin has mastered.

Batista is weighing several rather strong movie offers, having finished a Russell Crowe movie recently. "Any talk of Batista returning soon, or Mason Ryan being pushed as a set-up for the Batista return is very pre-mature," a key WWE insider told us.

"Maybe Mason Ryan will end up being the perfect opponent for Batista," our insider continued, "but right now Batista is in the movie business, and is not giving (WWE Chairman) Vince (McMahon) the impression he’s in any hurry to return yet."