Hogan Speaks Out: WM 18, Sting, TNA Name Change & More

Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas of R.A.W. Radio spoke with Hulk Hogan. Highlights:

Hulk talks about his upcoming rare independent booking, May 14 in Brantford, ON for cwiwrestling.com

What is the #1 thing Hogan feels TNA needs to do to improve and grow?

What did Bobby Roode do wrong in his last promo on Impact?

What it the mindset in TNA right now – is it to build stars from within or to find stars from the outside (with Goldberg as an example)?

How have things turned around in TNA since Hulk Hogan joined?

What does Hogan have to say to TNA critics?

The feeling of being in Toronto at WrestleMania 18:

"It was like the Toronto fans slapping me and saying, ‘don’t you know who the hell you are – you’re HULK HOGAN!!!’. It was a huge wake up call for me. I wasn’t bowing down…I was just going with the storyline. Whether it’s the right way to go or if you’re going against the grain…you just have a feel for things. Everybody has a different feel for things. I kinda had a feel for what was going on in the ring. At that time, The Rock was so hot. He was the favorite son – he had the Scorpion King coming out. I just wanted to put on a great show. But the fans really stepped up. And I did the job – no big deal – but the fans stepped up and told the promoter, The Rock and Hulk Hogan who they love, and who they wanna cheer for. And with a huge Canadian hand – slapped me and said ‘you’re Hulk Hogan…don’t you ever forget it!"

What is (now) the #1 motivation for Hulk Hogan – professionally – today? Why did Hulk Hogan go to TNA?

"When my wife divorse me. And my son finally got out of jail. And my daughter moved away from everything. I bottomed out, brother. When I didn’t have any family around. When everything went down…all I had left – the only thing I had left – was my life and wrestling. Before it was WWE – it’s a beautiful open door and sometimes it’s great to work there and at other times, it’s not. But TNA had their arms wide open and Dixie Carter had wanted me to come to TNA for years. Now, when I look at the big picture, and I realize I gotta slow down – and I can’t push Mondays or throw my weight around – my main motivation is not to keep how wrestling how it used to be…but to make wrestling how it should be!"

Will Hulk Hogan wrestle again?

"Brother, I don’t know. I don’t know. If you asked me right now…I can only say I had my 8th back surgery not long ago. Right now…I say it’s a 50/50 chance. I can feel the screws in my back but I’m starting to heal up. When I fully heal up I think we’ll have to see. Ask me that question in about 6 months and I think we’ll have a different answer. But right now, it’s about a 50/50 chance.

Why did Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair never happen at WrestleMania 8?

"Both Hogan & Flair were tearing it up. If you ask him (Flair), he can count on his fingers how many shows we sold out. That year felt like it should’ve been Hogan vs. Flair at WrestleMania. But I don’t know what Vince saw – if he wanted to have 2 main events or something – but he tore us apart and put me in with Sid. That’s fine – it’s his company. I still don’t know what Vince saw – but he obviously saw something that nobody else saw because his company is still out there and far ahead of everybody else"

Did HBK want to "do business" with Hulk Hogan, and Hogan’s point of view on their match at Summerslam.

What he thinks of Sting – working with him over over 15 years in both WCW and TNA, and why is Sting still with TNA?

Hogan hints at the name change of "TNA" to Impact Wrestling and also discusses how much of the move from the 6 sided ring to the 4 sided ring was his idea.


For the full 30+ minute interview, click here: http://radio.thescore.com/episodes/hulk-hogan-live-may-92011-raw-radio