Exclusive: WWE Writers Waiting For “Another Shakeup”

WrestleZone has learned that John Morrison’s neck injury has sparked a major concern backstage in WWE, as a number of writers are worried about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s post-Draft thought process.

"Some of the writers feel that Vince is all of a sudden not happy with the rosters again," a key WWE insider revealed exclusively to WrestleZone this evening, "and we’ve already done the draft!"

Vince is reportedly also not happy with the current babyface/heel rosters, and thinks there are several people "on the wrong side of the fence."

Our source predicts Vince will "either make wholesale changes, and then initiate a period of recovery from the confusion," or he will "take a long term approach, perhaps book out SummerSlam, and start the long process of getting the level of interest back on common ground."