WWE House Show Results (5/7): Pensacola, Florida

WWE Live Event (Pensacola, Fla.)

Report by Kavontae Smalls and ProWrestling.net

1. Cody Rhodes defeated Yoshi Tatsu. Cody ripped sign from fan midmatch. Bag routine on Tatsu post match and called crowd ugly.

2. Natalya beat Rosa Mendez. The Divas match has more spunk and crowd reaction than match one. I have to admit that Rosa, who played a heel, knows how to milk a crowd. Her ring skills are below average but she has charisma. It feels weird watching the Divas for more than two minutes. Natalya won via sharpshooter and she totally carried the match. Rosa sold the Sharpshooter and ate up the crowd.

3. Trent Barreta beat Brodus Clay. Neither wrestler received much of a reaction. Trent beat Brodus in a looked to be a botched finish. Vince won’t be pleased with the performance from these two tonight. The match wasn’t good.

4. Kane and Ezekiel Jackson defeated Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. Gabriel and Slater played intimidated sneaky heels against Zeke and Kane. Gabriel worked over Zeke knee even using the Figure Four. Slater locked it on too, even doing a “Woooo.” A decent tag match; Kane chokeslammed Slater for the win. Kane looked good physically.

Sgt Slaughter came out as the guest host. Slaughter said ‘fans’ instead of universe. They’re doing an interactive fan activity. Four fans called into the ring to do (two women, a kid, and a man) a dance-off. The kid said he didn’t want to dance. He left the ring and another kid was chosen. The man was terrible and the fans booed. Woman 1 did a little ass shaking and received a pop. A kid with zero rhythm just moved (e for effort). Woman 2 did really well. Woman 1 won and got to go backstage and meet the superstars. The crowd was a mixture of kids, families, and hardcore fans. I’d say about 3,500-4,000 in attendance. I always think WWE could do better promoting live events but they even fail at promoting their bi-weekly pay-per-view events.

5. Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the Intercontinental Title. Bryan is so fluid in the ring. Watching Wade and Bryan makes me think of the irony of WWE not sensationalizing the ‘wrestling aspect’ of their product when live events feature wrestling as 90 percent of the show. Barrett won as Bryan went to the top and was caught into Wasteland. Decent match.

6. Sin Cara defeated Chavo. A decent pop for Chavo, who said he’s the wrestling savior. Sin Cara’s trampoline was set for his entrance. Sin Cara spent the early minutes fan-pandering (Hogan hearing act). Chavo garnered good heat. Chavo and Sin Cara work well together. They had a nice lucha flavor to their match with moments of traditional wrestling. Sin Cara beat Chavo in good match.

7. Randy Orton defeated Christian and Sheamus in a Triple Threat match to retain the World Hvt. Championship. Christian got a decent pop, but Orton got pop of the night, hands down. Christian and Orton did a mild stare down mid-match. They hit a suplex/powerbomb combo off the top. They hit a series of their main spots for most of the match. At 10:00 sharp, Orton nailed the RKO on Sheamus for the win. Post match, Christian and Orton stared each other and shook hands. Orton shook hands with fans ringside and up the aisle as the show concluded.