TNA House Show Results: Hot Springs, Arkansas

TNA House Show Results (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Report by James Cohorn and

JB came out & promised backstage passes but Jeff Jarrett says no.

Abyss vs. Crimson- Abyss was still working with his teeth missing that were knocked out. Abyss used a chair on Crimson to no avail & also brought Janice from under the ring. Crimson wins with a sit-down powerbomb.

Velvet Sky vs. Sarita- Velvet wins with a small package.

Scott Steiner vs. Eric Young-Steiner was way over with the crowd when came out but that quickly changed. Steiner invited the hot chicks to go back to his hotel room but all he saw was nasty, ugly bitches. Steiner gets the win.

JB got a text that read “Tell all the morons in Hot Springs that I will make Mr. Anderson tap out in record time, sincerely Jeff Jarrett.”

Matt Hardy comes out and informs the crowd that he has a mystery tag-team partner that knows James Storm well. It turns out to be “Wildcat” Chris Harris.

Matt Hardy & “Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. Beer Money-Beer Money get the win with The DWI and retain their TNA Tag straps.

Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles & Devon- Bully Ray said that Tommy never liked the fans and that he only used them for the money. Ray challenged all the tough guys to a fight. He started mouthing to an overweight woman. He told her that she wasn’t too big, she was 3 big. Ray was gold on the mic. Devon used an artificial leg from a fan on Bully Ray which the crowd popped huge for. Devon and AJ do The The Wassup on Ray. AJ hits The Pele on Dreamer and Devon connects with a sidewalk slam on Bully Ray for the win. After the match, Devon said that Bubba got his ass whopped by a one-legged man.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson-Anderson said that there are many a******s here but there is one douchebag to Jarrett. A kid said Mr. Kennedy during Anderson’s introduction. Anderson said that guy is dead from the train wreck that is on USA. He said that you see the same five guys doing the same five damn maneuvers. Jarrett threatened to leave if the fans didn’t stop disrespecting him. Jarrett attempted The Stroke but Anderson slipped out and hit the Green Bay Plunge but the ref was kicked by Jarrett’s foot. Jarrett used a low-blow and then set up a chair in the ropes, Anderson reversed & Jarrett went head first into the chair. Anderson picked up the win with The Mic Check.