Update on Helms & His Girlfriend, Undertaker’s WWE Status

As we reported yesterday, Shane Helms and his girlfriend were involved in what was described as a serious motorcycle accident. Additionally, Matt Hardy posted an update on Helms’ condition which you can view HERE.

The Wrestling Observer is now reporting that Helms suffered a broken ankle, broken jaw and broken nose in addition to other fractures and required 200 stitches. His girlfriend, who was reportedly in worse condition than Helms but made a turn for the better, suffered a broken neck. It isn’t believed, however, that she suffered any spinal cord damage. Both remain hospitalized in Raleigh, NC.

According to The Wrestling Observer, it’s being said that most people within WWE consider The Undertaker to be retired. As we reported several days ago, this is one of the reasons why Michelle McCool decided to leave WWE, in order to spend more time with her husband.

While sources close to The Undertaker are not ruling out the possibility of him working a match at next year’s WrestleMania, the feeling right now is that he will not compete in a match until then. It’s being said that The Undertaker is in far worse condition physically than is being lead on, and there is an expectation that The Undertaker will win a match at WrestleMania 28 and then retire from WWE with a 20-0 ‘Mania record.