(Spoiler) Update on TNA Wrestler Return, Flair/Lottery Note

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that "Wildcat" Chris Harris, who will return to TNA on next week’s edition of Impact, is set to rejoin former tag team partner James Storm and reform the America’s Most Wanted tag team. While many within TNA are scratching their heads as to why TNA would break-up the popular Beer Money tag team, the plan as of right now is to eventually have both Harris and Storm reform AMW. As for Robert Roode, it’s being said that he is slated to work as a singles competitor once Beer Money is broken up.

Thanks to @craigRgoldberg for sending this in: A news investigation on abc-11 in Raleigh, NC reported last night that Ric Flair was paid $200,000 for his work with the North Carolina Education Lottery.  This fee included his commercial appearances as well as autograph appearances at select North Carolina events.  The investigation was anti-lottery and was making the point that overhead costs such as Flair’s payout are taking away from the state funds that pay teacher salaries resulting in Teacher lay-offs.