TNA House Show Results (5/6): Fort Smith, Arkansas

TNA live event (Fort Smith, Ark.)

Report by Jason McKown and

Just got back from the TNA House Show in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This was the first time TNA has been to Fort Smith so they crowd was really excited and into every match.

Before the show started, Eric Young, Abyss, Devon, Tommy Dreamer, and Crimson came to ringside and signed autographs. Then Velvet Sky was posing for pictures with fans for $10 each. Beer Money also had a table set up by Velvet Sky’s photo area where they signed autographs.

1. Crimson beat Abyss. Really basic match, Crimson won with a DDT of some sort. Abyss was missing most of his lower teeth due to the injury he suffered a few weeks ago.

2. Velvet Sky beat Sarita. Worst match of the night but the crowd was still into it. Velvet Sky won with an inside cradle.

3. Scott Steiner beat Eric Young. Steiner won with the Steiner Recliner. This was my favorite match of the night. Steiner was absolutely insane, he almost got into two fights with ringside fans and kept cursing and yelling at the fans. He seemed legitimately pissed at one fan at ringside and security had to actually hold him back from going over the ring barrier and going after the fan. I don’t know if Steiner was (raging) out, or just really in a zone tonight, but he seemed like he really wanted to kick the fans ass.

4. Beer Money beat Matt Hardy and Chris Harris. Before the match Matt Hardy announced that he had a surprise partner for the night, and introduced Harris. The match was pretty sloppy, with Hardy looking really rough and out of shape. The ending saw Beer Money hit their finish on Harris for the win.

5. A.J. Styles and Devon beat Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. Bully Ray had LOTS of heat, and AJ and Devon were super over. Tommy was just, well, there. The finish saw Devon pin Bully Ray after a spine-buster. Devon and AJ did the “wassuppp” spot on Bully Ray which got a huge reaction.

6. Mr. Anderson beat Jeff Jarrett with a Mic Check. Anderson was the star of the night, and was SUPER over. After the match he stayed in the ring and took pictures with fans.