Y2J Talks WWE Return, Says WWE May Have Had Heat w/USA

Former WWE star Chris Jericho recently did an interview for IGN.com and had the following to say concerning his run on Dancing With The Stars and a possible WWE return:

"I don’t want to go back and do the same thing," Jericho said regarding a possible WWE return, "and do the same character I was doing last time. You constantly have to reinvent yourself. It’s kind of a strange analogy but I think you’ll pick it up when I say it – I always consider myself to be the Madonna of wrestling. 

"And what I mean by that is ‘constantly re-inventing yourself.’ Every album Madonna does, she morphs into new styles of music and new looks. And when you work for the WWE, you work 52 weeks out of the year and on TV every week. You can’t look the same or act the same every week. It gets boring."

On WWE sending talent over to watch live tapings of Dancing With The Stars: "It was cool. And it’s funny because at first there were going to be a lot more. For the first couple weeks there were a lot of people and then there wasn’t for a while because I think when the ratings for the show came in, I think the WWE got in trouble a little bit from the USA network. Because having them be there was, in a sense, promoting the show that runs head to head with Raw. But it was nice. It was a great show of solidarity and support from my peers."