Exclusive: Update on WWE’s Plans For The Miz (Spoiler)

WrestleZone has learned exclusively that even though The Miz lost the WWE Championship to John Cena, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon still has "huge plans" for The Miz.

A key WWE insider has told us that "Cena getting the title back was the right move for now, and Vince wants Cena to defend the title at next year’s WrestleMania against The Rock. But Vince has not given up on The Miz at all. Vince still thinks Miz a big part of WWE’s future."

Our source was very quick to point out "there is a big difference between taking the title off Christian (Check out WrestleZone’s exclusive report you won’t find anywhere else about the reasons behind Christian losing the World Title to Randy Orton so quickly) and the reasons behind putting the title on Cena."

We were told, "Miz flies first class. Most ex-champions don’t. He’s considered a top tier performer by Vince (McMahon), the writers, and the producers. He’s a top guy, and Vince is determined to keep Miz at that level for a long time to come."