*Spoiler:* TMZ Picks Up on TNA Debut Set For Next Week

TMZ.com has posted the following:

"Wrestling legend Chyna is going out on a limb with TNA — because we’re told, she still hasn’t signed a contract to make her return to wrestling official … and is currently just working on a good faith deal.

Chyna made her TNA debut Tuesday night during a taping sesh for the wrestling fed — after a 9-YEAR hiatus — but according to sources, no official agreement is in place to keep her around … in fact, we’re told, she’s currently working on a "handshake deal with a very, very short leash."

Chyna’s return to wrestling will air over the next three weeks — but her future afterward is still up in the air.

It’s still looking damn good though — because we’re told, Chyna’s already been offered a one-year contract to take her moves abroad … wrestling for Japan’s infamous Inoki Genome Federation."