EXCLUSIVE: Update on CM Punk’s Future With WWE

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In an update to an earlier report concerning CM Punk’s future with the WWE, I have learned that a major issue in the negotiations of CM Punk re-signing with the company is the trademark of his name.

As of now, Vince McMahon and the WWE don’t own the name CM Punk. They would like him to sign over the rights to the name which appears to be a hold up in a quick agreement between both sides to continue working together long term.

It appears that CM Punk would like to remain with the WWE but wants to be sure he looks out for himself. As one source told me, "Punk knows that WWE is the secure place for him to be at this point in his career but is a smart business man."

CM Punk is one of the few wrestlers who was well established on the independent circuit and kept his ring name when being signed by the WWE. It is common the WWE gives the performer a name change so they do have ownership and rights to their WWE identity. Bryan Danielson’s name being changed to Daniel Bryan is a recent example.

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