Raw Dark Match Result, Austin Appears on Opie & Anthony

Thanks to Adam Lefresne for sending this in: Before Raw tonight, Chris Masters defeated Primo in the event’s dark match.

Thanks to Stephen Stack for sending this in: Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the Opie and Anthony show this morning around 9:45 am. Stone Cold was on to promote Tough Enough every Monday at 8pm on USA network before Raw. Austin opened with talking about how much fun he has had being the host of Tough Enough. He expressed how he had a tough time with Rima, but he was rooting for her. Opie and Anthony asked about the first elimination where Austin mentioned the time he wrestled Yokozuna and crapped his pants and had to continue the match.  Comedian Jim Norton made several jokes on how tough that must of been. Austin replied, "I wasn’t exactly doing high leg kicks after…" He Also did mention his favorite current wrestlers in WWE being John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and gave the Miz credit being a good talker, very funny interview.