Live WWE Extreme Rules Fan Report; Off-Air Notes, More

Thanks to Steven Sewell for sending this in:

The dark match for the PPV was Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara. It was a very pretty good wrestling match with a lot of high flying spots. Tyson did a good job playing to the crowd and being a heel. The match was a little over 10 minutes long and Sin Cara won with his moonsault slam move. There were actually no botches the entire match.

The crowd was really into the Randy Orton vs. CM Punk match, especially when the canes got involved. All kinds of "Randy" and "RKO" chants through the entire match, and one of the biggest pops of the night came when Orton hit the RKO off the top rope.

Sheamus actually got a pretty large crowd response with his Birth Certificate thing. The crowd wasn’t into this match as much as the previous one, but a pretty big pop when Kingston put Sheamus through the table.

The crowd was really into the Tag Team Whipping match, and Cole by far drew the biggest heat of the night. JR and Jim Ross each had big pops and the crowd was cheering through the entire match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes was a pretty decent match. A lot of people wanted one of those paper bags that Rhodes had handed out. The crowd kind of died down when they went backstage but got right back in it when they came out to the floor again.

The crowd wasn’t too much into the Layla vs. Michelle McCool match. There was a slight wardrobe malfunction with Layla that got a large pop from the crowd, but the rest of the match was kind of dead. A bunch of people below me started chanting "AJ Styles" when Michelle McCool used her Faithbreaker move. Kharma came out to a fairly big pop at the end.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio was the best match of the night and should have been last on the card.  Early in the match Christian cut his lower back on one of the ladders. Good back and forth match with the crowd into it the entire time with chants of "Christian" and "We want Edge." Right before Edge came out several of the cameramen ran to the stage which got a huge pop from the crowd, and Edge coming out in the Jeep got the second biggest pop of the night, only to Christian taking the title belt down.  Brodus Clay started bleeding like a faucet when Christian threw the step ladder into his face near the end of the match and there was a pool of blood on the mat by the time he was helped out. Christian got a standing ovation when we was celebrating with Edge at the end.

The crowd was kind of worn out for the next match which seemed like it should have been lower on the card, but a big pop when Big Show and Kane hit their chokeslams.

In the Steel Cage match, John Morrison came out to a big pop, John Cena to the usual "Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks" and Miz came out to a fairly decent pop considering he’s a heel. R-Truth got a lot of heat when he came out, although since he stopped Cena from escaping it was the first time I was actually happy to see Truth come out. Crowd got really exited whenever someone climbed to the top of the cage, and especially when Morrison got stuck on the cage door. About half the people were cheering when Cena won and the other half were pissed.

When Extreme Rules went off the air, Cena went back down the ramp and stood on the announce desk and said that every day he wore Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect because of the American Troops who defend us. He then put the WWE Championship down and said that the President had just announced that the United States had "caught and compromised" Osama Bin Laden. This was met with a huge pop and chants of USA. Even in the parking lot people were still chanting USA about it.

Overall it was a very good show, with lots of exiting spots. Interestingly the faces won every single match except the country whipping one, which wasn’t really a match. All throughout the night there were random chants of "Y2J" and a lot of people were hoping to see Chris Jericho there.

Biggest Heat

Michael Cole

Jack Swagger



CM Punk

Biggest Pops


Randy Orton

Jerry Lawler / Jim Ross

John Morrison


Sin Cara

Sheamus also got a big pop with the Birth Certificate thing and R Truth got a pop with the spelling "conspiracy" thing.