Report: Undertaker Backstage at Raw, More on Return Plans

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that The Undertaker was backstage at Raw this for the show’s Draft special. ‘Taker was said to be there because he was traveling with his wife, Michelle McCool, but gave no indication that he is prepared to return to TV. Sources claimed that he was still hurting, and that right now WWE has no immediate plans for him.

As far as The Undertaker’s return is concerned, it is believe that when he does return it will be on the Raw brand as the Monday night show just lost a top baby face with Randy Orton being drafted to Smackdown.

As we exclusively reported this past Monday night, the decision as to what to do with The Undertaker has been discussed, but because he is considered more of a special attraction rather than a full-time performer, company officials are still unsure as to what they are going to do with him when he is ready to return.