More WWE Stars Speak on the Draft, UFC Hurting WWE Stock?

Thanks to RD for sending this in: On twitter, some WWE stars are continuing to talk about the WWE draft, such as Kofi Kingston and Hornswoggle who are more than thrilled at a gif a fan tweeted them earlier regarding the draft:

Message the member sent:!/majingir/status/63074236549431296

Kofi and Hornswoggles replies:!/wwehornswoggle/status/63085279686307841

@TrueKofi "Gonna miss those guys…"!/TrueKofi/status/63083564610224128 has posted a new article taking a look at UFC’s growth and how it might be affecting WWE stock. The following is an excerpt from the article:

"World Wrestling Grapples With Competitive Threat

Vince McMahon built the sports entertainment empire World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE). It’s still the largest professional wrestling company in the world, yet WWE shares are down more than 50% since the October 1999 IPO. Unfortunately, this stock has been pinned down by stagnant growth and a rising threat from a new competitor. Plus, WWE’s bloated dividend yield, the best reason to buy the stock, is now in danger of tapping out. (For more wrestling picks, see The Professional Sports Portfolio.)" You can read the entire article if you CLICK HERE.